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Mocking the Bullies of MoveOn.Org: Take Your Cease-and-Desist Letters and Shove 'Em
Sue us.
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Photoshop credit: reader Ryan S.


Photoshop credit: Blue Crab Boulevard

Over the weekend, I blogged about the plight of t-shirt vendors at Cafe Press who were served cease-and-desist letters by the lawyer thugs at With the exception of the LA Times, I have seen no other MSM coverage of’s bogus copyright infringement threats against the mom-and-pop retailers who have dared to satirize the thin-skinned left-wing mafia.

This story deserves more attention. And the targets of the intimidation campaign deserve your support.

I mentioned that one of the targeted retailers, Parsing Poet at The Polistew Cafe, is selling shirts publicizing’s efforts to ban his work. He is donating all profits to the National Military Family Association, which sends kids whose parents are deployed to summer camp and helps spouses and children with issues of deployment & school transitions. Parsing Poet would like to send 1,000 kids to camp:


Pitch in: Buy them in every size for every member of your family.

On another front: Answering the call to join the mockers and bait the group’s bully lawyers, readers and bloggers have sent in a bunch of photoshops. Here’s the first batch. Like I said over the weekend: Go ahead. Suuuuuue.


Reader Jim F.


Reader Matt A.


Reader Keith


Marooned in Marin




Monkey Tennis


HA commenter Limerick


Pirate’s Cove


Beth at MyVRWC




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