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Topless Moonbats, Flag Burners Storm D.C.
"Breasts not Bombs."
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Update: Chas has your not-safe-for-work-or-a-full-stomach update and teaser photo. You have been warned.


Charles Ryder of Age of Hoooper, a Hot Air affiliate, just called me from Constitution Ave. in the nation’s capital. Apparently, the moonbats have gone wild. Burning flags. Parading topless. Charles says a bunch of them are waiting to get arrested. He’ll have video later. Across the wires, there’s this:

Five women and one man from the group Breasts not Bombs staged the event in Lafayette Park across from the White House. And it wasn’t the bombs that were on display.

Spokeswoman Janine Boneparth says going topless is just another way to oppose the Iraq carnage. She says what’s obscene is not the protest, but President Bush’s conduct of the war.

Nearby Secret Service agents made no move to intervene.


Yeah, smart move.

The protesters must have made a wrong turn on their way to the Folsom Street Fair. Wonder if they’re sponsored by Miller Lite, too?


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