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Red on Red: GOP Corruptocrat Gets a Conservative Challenger; Plus: the Latest on the Ted Stevens Scandal
Cleaning the GOP's house.
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I’ve said many times that Republicans can’t demand that Democrats clean their house unless the GOP handles its own slime.

RedState gets it, and today asks grass-roots conservatives for help in supporting a challenge to “corrupt, embattled John Doolittle, the national face of Republican scandal.”

The challenger is military intelligence officer Eric Egland, a familiar face to Hot Air viewers and blog readers. We interviewed him at CPAC earlier this year. He has contributed thoughtful commentary to Power Line. And now he’s stepping up to the plate to unseat Doolittle.


Doolittle had to step down from the House Appropriations Committee because of the pending investigation against him. The FBI has already raided his home. But Doolittle won’t retire because if he gets re-elected one more time he can get his full congressional pension.

This is a seat that will stay Republican. But, should Doolittle stay in it, it’s a seat that could drag down other Republicans because of Doolittle’s scandal. In 2004, Bush won it with over 60% of the vote.

Eric Egland is a stellar candidate, a small government conservative, and our choice for CA-04.

We need to take our party back. And Eric Egland’s race would be a great start.

Go to Egland’s campaign site here and spread the word.


Related: Turmoil at the NRCC.


On another dirty GOP front, the Ted Stevens corruption scandal deepens:

A jury found former Alaska state House Speaker Peter Kott (R) guilty of taking bribes from former Veco Chief Executive Bill Allen, a decision that may have implications for Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), who is under FBI investigation for his ties to Allen.

The Department of Justice announced the verdict Wednesday. During the 15-day trial in Anchorage, Allen testified that he paid for some of Stevens’s home renovations.

Kott, a member of the Alaska House from 1992 to 2006, was convicted of conspiracy, extortion under cover of official right and bribery. He faces a maximum of 35 years in jail; his sentencing hearing is scheduled for Dec. 7.

In exchange for assurances he would cast votes in Veco’s favor on a key petroleum production tax proposal, the jury found that Kott solicited bribes and received cash, checks and the promise of a future job with Veco. Trial evidence included more than 60 recordings of conversations involving Kott and former Veco executives.

The Associated Press last week reported that the FBI secretly had recorded two phone calls between Stevens and Allen.

Allen and former Veco Vice President Richard Smith pleaded guilty in May to providing more than $400,000 in corrupt payments to public officials from the state of Alaska.

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