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Keeping the Memory of Shiri Negari Alive
Someone you should know.
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On Monday, I posted this photo I took of a sign held by a protester standing outside the gates of Columbia University:

Shiri Negari

The poster of Shiri Negari, murdered by a Palestinian suicide bomber in a Gilo, Jerusalem bus attack on June 18, 2002, resonated deeply with many readers and bloggers. The protester who made the sign is David Zucker. He e-mailed me:

“I did not know Shiri, just happened to come across her memorial site on Sunday when I was trying to figure out what type of sign to make when I got the idea to put a human face on the current debate. I emailed her family to get their permission and they emailed me the picture. I’m sure her family will get great solace from the fact that their daughter’s memory is still alive.”

Shiri’s cousin, Dvir, e-mailed me from Jerusalem:

“I am a family member of Shiri Negari – the 22 year old woman who was murdered, 5 years ago in a suicide bombing in Israel by a Palestinian terror organization. As you know, Shiri’s picture was presented by a demonstrator during Iran’s president to the US,outside Columbia university which you have covered in your blog. Thanks to your blog, many people have visited Shiri’s memorial web site, got to know her special character and sent us kind e-mails saying that they care. I wish to thank you for giving a stage to the memory of our Shiri, and let you know that even if you did it unknowingly, you contributed to making her memory alive which is something very important for us – making sure she is not just another statistic in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Stacy McCain at the Washington Times notes the blogospheric tributes to Shiri, past and present, and writes:

Why has Shiri’s death affected so many people? Edgar Allen Poe once explained:

“Of all melancholy topics, what, according to the universal understanding of mankind, is the most melancholy?”

Death was the obvious reply.

“And when,” I asked, “is this most melancholy topic most poetical?”

From what I have already explained at some length, the answer, here also, is obvious — “When it most closely allies itself to Beauty: the death, then, of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world …”

Stacy obtained permission from Shiri’s family to post this video tribute from her website:


Israpundit honors Shiri.

Publius Pundit weighs in on the Iran-Russia nexus:

Shiri speaks from the grave in this image, attending the protest in spirit to remind those gathered that she, too, would have liked to address the students at Columbia, but was prevented from doing so by terrorists from Hamas who were funded by Iran’s government, which is led by Ahmadinejad — who in turn has called for a holy war against Israel wiping it off the face of the earth. All of the NATO allies are now furiously arrayed against Iran and, amazingly enough, France’s new president is leading the charge to impose draconian sanctions to keep Iran in line. If France is willing to take action, you know that Ahmadinejad is just as extreme as he can possibly get.

One might well ask: Where does Ahmadinejad get the brazen hubris necessary to confront the overwhelmingly more powerful team of the United States and Europe in this haughty, contemptuous manner? His nation, alone, is far to puny to work up such suicidal pathos (look how easily the U.S. destroyed the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq). There’s a clear answer: He gets it from Russia, and specifically from Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin.

PJM’s Andrew Marcus files his video report on the anti-A-jad protests.

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