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Another Attack on the Blue Angels Rebuffed
Still flying. For now.
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San Francisco drove the Marines away, but the latest attempt to kick out the Blue Angels has failed:

San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly’s hopes of halting the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels show from performing its aerial acrobatics over the city during Fleet Week crashed today when the board of supervisors failed the resolution.

Supervisors voted down the resolution just before 2:30 p.m. Newly appointed interim Supervisor Carmen Chu, who attended her first meeting today as the representative for District 4, voted against the resolution.

Daly camouflaged his anti-military motives by playing the safety card, but the board did not buy it:

Daly submitted the resolution because he said it is “not a necessary risk that the city needs to take.” He believes that having the fighter pilot exhibition over a densely populated area like San Francisco poses an unwarranted risk to life and property.

“It is strictly for entertainment and an accident would cause significant loss of life,” Daly said.

The Blue Angels had its first air show in Jacksonville, Fla., in 1946. About 15 million spectators see the Blue Angels in air shows each year.

Blue Angels’ air shows have resulted in 26 fatalities nationally during the past 60 years.

Will Daly give it a rest now? Not bloody likely. As sure as fog rises over the bay, you can count on hardcore leftists in San Francisco to keep attacking the military. It’s in their DNA.

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