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Photoblogging Gathering of Eagles 3: Us and Them...Plus Bonus Rolling Thunder vs. Code Pink Video...And More Photos Added
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Update: Check out our video highlights of Them.

Update: Gee, which side do you think the protester charged with felony possession of an incendiary device was on…Us or Them? Via ABC News (hat tip – bpmonaco): “Thousands of anti-war protesters holding black and yellow signs saying “End the War” filled the park in front of the White House today demanding an end to U.S. occupation of Iraq. Police said they arrested 189 people, one of them on a felony charge of carrying an incendiary device.”


I can’t tell you how proud and honored I was to meet so many Eagles out on the streets of D.C. today. We’re just beginning to wade through our photos and video, but the difference could not be starker between the Eagles and the ANSWER mob. Here’s a quick compare-and-contrast between us and them (I snapped all the “Us” photos unless otherwise noted; see photo credits for “Them” links).



Them (photo credit: Victory Caucus):




Them (Yahoo! News):




Them (photo credit: Charles Ryder):




Them (photo credit – Tom the Redhunter):




Them (photo credit – Charles Ryder):


Us (photo credit – the George Washington University College Republicans…and yep, that’s me in the middle):


Them (photo credit – Victory Caucus):


More to come…


Bonus video. Last night at our hotel, we heard from members of Rolling Thunder who had gone to the DC Code Pink house. Code Pink posted video of some of the encounter. Another stark Us vs. Them moment:


From the, yes, NYTimes:

The antiwar demonstration was held on the same day as a separate event sponsored by a group called Gathering of Eagles, a veterans group.

Before the antiwar marchers arrived, there was a brief physical altercation between some members of the antiwar group Code Pink and some of the demonstrators who said they were there to support the troops. The police moved in to break up the scuffle. As the antiwar demonstrators moved along Pennsylvania Avenue, the two sides continued to trade chants and sometimes heated messages, but lines of police officers intervened to keep the opposing sides apart.

“What troubles me, the thing that is so dismaying, is they don’t realize the big picture,” said John Aldins, 54, who came from Media, Pa., with his wife, Karen, and daughter, Rachel, to show their support for the troops. The Aldins have three other children serving in the military. Rachel Aldins will join the Army in the fall to serve as a nurse.

“It’s not just Iraq, it’s the whole Middle East,” Mr. Aldins said. “It’s not a red, blue or pink issue. It’s an all-of-us issue.”



The Hill reports about 200 ANSWER-istas arrested. (Also note how ANSWER’s crowd estimate is featured high up in the article. We were right in the middle of the crowd at the Capitol and walked the length of the moonbat convergence. There were certainly more of them compared to the March protest, but there’s no way there were 100,000. Knock off a zero and you’re getting closer to reality.)

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