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Breaking the Scott Thomas Beauchamp Stalemate
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Update 11:04am Eastern. Why this matters, especially on a day like today when Washington is battling over war narratives: Read “The Big Picture.”

Update 10:00am Eastern. Response from Franklin Foer to my request for an on-camera interview about the Beauchamp fables…

Thanks for the offer. I’m going to decline.

See also investigative blogger Bob Owens, who’s got more coming and adds:

All in all, this is going to be a very bad day for Franklin Foer and The New Republic, who by now, just wish this story would go away. What they don’t seem to grasp is that at this point, they are the story…In the end, if TNR owners CanWest Mediaworks hopes to retain any corporate credibility at all, a purge of the defective detectives that make up the editorial staff The New Republic is certainly warranted.

Here’s Bob Owens exclusive interview at PJM with Major John Cross, who led the U.S. Army’s investigation into Private Beauchamp’s shocking claims. “Even more shocking is what Cross reveals…: Among other findings, there is no credible evidence that TNR made any attempt at fact checking prior to publishing the articles. Furthermore, not one of the soldiers interviewed under oath in the investigation corroborated Beauchamp’s story.


At Hot Air, we followed up on the Scott Thomas Beauchamp affair. We dropped in on Weekly Standard online editor Michael Goldfarb and tried to do the same at The New Republic…with vastly different results. Check it out.

See-Dubya notes:

The New Republic is lying about the Army–claiming that (A) they’ve sequestered Beauchamp and are prohibiting him from contacting TNR, and that (B) the Army is lying when they say he’s free to contact TNR if he likes to.

If TNR actually believed that, why haven’t they done an all out full court press to free Scott Beauchamp and let him speak? Why haven’t they fired up the entire smart left wing set with this unparalleled outrage, this muzzling of a journalist, this blot on the First Amendment?

Why aren’t the NYT and TNR and everyone on the Left clamoring fulsomely for the Army to let Beauchamp clear his name?

Sure, Beauchamp’s a freelance writer sending in columns, and not a full-time TNR employee (like his fiancee is), but still: if I were in Beauchamp’s position and had been truthful all along, I’d like to think my editors would raise a little hell on my behalf and give me a chance to tell my story and answer my critics.

Yep. And so much for being incommunicado. Readers point out that Beauchamp is checking into his MySpace. His last login: Sept. 6.

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