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"If We Can't Counter TB, How Can We Counter Terrorism?"
Democrats, homeland security, and double standards.
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Since it’s politically correct to talk about tuberculosis only if the carriers are white, it’s acceptable for Democrats to point out the homeland security lapses that led to TB carrier Andrew Speaker roaming around the country and undermining domestic security and public health rules.

A congressional investigation into officials’ inability to stop a tuberculosis patient from leaving the country found significant security gaps, heightening concern about vulnerability to potential cases of pandemic flu or smallpox.

A report on the May incident involving an Atlanta lawyer who caused an international health scare found that the Centers for Disease Control lacks a sound way to prevent someone infected with a biological agent from entering or leaving the United States.

The review by the House Homeland Security Committee’s Democratic staff was to be released Monday, one day before the sixth anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks against the U.S.

Since the Sept. 11 strikes, the government has focused on all types of possible threats and sought to find ways to best detect and counter biological agents.

“How we address these gaps now will serve as a direct predictor of how well we will handle future events, especially those involving emerging, re-emerging, and pandemic infectious diseases,” according to the report obtained by The Associated Press.

The committee chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., added: “If we can’t counter TB, how can we counter terrorism.”

Good point.

“If we can’t counter TB, how can we counter terrorism?”

Now, just try and ask the same question about illegal immigration and tuberculosis.

Watch out for the spit.

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