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Illegal Alien TB Carrier to be Released
Open borders insanity.
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Remember the illegal alien TB carrier in Atlanta? They’re letting him go and trusting him to show up for a deportation hearing in a few weeks.

Yes, really. It happens all the time. That misplaced trust is why we have hundreds of thousands of deportation fugitives on the loose today. The “notice to appear” letter that the article mentions here is known in open-borders circles as a “run letter.” As in: Don’t actually do what the letter orders you to do. Just run!

For crying out loud:

The Mexican day laborer jailed in Gwinnett County for refusing tuberculosis treatment could be released by the end of this week, health officials said Tuesday.

But even though Francisco Santos would no longer be contagious, the 17-year-old would still not be cured — and he would not be a completely free man.

Santos will be handed over to the custody of his mother, and both have signed a legally binding consent order saying he will comply with nine months of treatment and not leave the area.

In addition, when Santos leaves the Gwinnett County jail, federal immigration officials say they will hand him a notice to appear in court for deportation.

Remember: Santos was going to ignore health officials and walk out the door. Now, they’re just going to “hope and pray” that he does what he asked them to do. Loco:

Gwinnett health officials jailed Santos Aug. 24 after he refused treatment for an active, contagious case of tuberculosis and threatened to flee to his native Mexico. Santos, who lives in Duluth, quickly started treatment. The events brought to mind the recent case of Andrew Speaker, the Atlanta lawyer who traveled abroad with tuberculosis and was held in isolation when he returned.

Santos’ signing of the consent order prompted health officials to cancel a court hearing planned for today on his confinement.

Santos’ mother, who declined to comment Tuesday, has also been slated for deportation as an illegal immigrant, Rocha said. Enriqueta Palacios and her son are expected to appear before an immigration judge in Atlanta within a few weeks. Those proceedings can take a few months, and, pending appeals and other actions, the final deportation could come soon after that or take several more months.

In total, he may not be deported for another two years, which would provide him time to receive the treatment locally.

Gwinnett health officials say they have stressed to Santos and his mother that leaving the area and neglecting his treatment could injure him, his family and the public. He would become a fugitive and he could become contagious again.

“They’ve given every indication that they understand … and they’ve given no clues that they intend to do anything but accept the treatment and we hope and pray that’s what they adhere to,” said county health spokesman Vernon Goins.

Four other members of Santos’s family tested positive for TB.

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