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The Political Patrons of Your Black Muslim Bakery Update: Chauncey Bailey Memorial Fund Info
Blood on the hands of Oakland's political establishment.
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Update 9:00pm Eastern. You won’t believe who spoke at Chauncey Bailey’s funeral. Yes, Ron Dellums. The same Ron Dellums that supported the notorious Your Black Muslim Bakery that employed Bailey’s killer:

Earlier this year, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums sent a letter on behalf of the Bakery to the judge in the bankruptcy case, attesting to its historic role in providing healthy food and jobs to the community. Karen Stevenson, a spokeswoman for the mayor said Dellums, who only took office in January, merely signed a “standard letter of support” routinely granted to civic institutions, and that the mayor’s office would review its procedures. Dellums, who had a warm relationship with the slain journalist, approved a police crackdown against the Bakery earlier this year, Stevenson said. Speaking at Bailey’s funeral in Oakland on Wednesday, Dellums was visibly emotional when he appealed to the overflow crowd to help fight the violence engulfing his city. “This madness has to stop,” Dellums said, his voice cracking.

Too little, too late.


The family asks that donations, in lieu of flowers, be sent to the Chauncey Bailey Memorial Fund, c/o Bank of America Creekside Branch, 1188 Galleria Blvd. Roseville, CA 95678. Account No. 2350941279.



The SFChron’s Matier and Ross report on the political backers of Your Black Muslim Bakery. You’ll be thrilled to know that millions in federal tax dollars have been forked over to this thug enterprise (at least $1.2 million in federal redevelopment funds) and you won’t be surprised that the patrons include some usual far Left suspects–including Democrat Reps. Ron Dellums and Barbara Lee:

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland found themselves in the unwelcome spotlight this week over the letters of support they wrote on behalf of the notorious Your Black Muslim Bakery, but they aren’t the only politicos who have supported the group over the years.

At the height of its power back in 1996, the splinter Muslim group – whose members were implicated in last week’s slaying of newspaper editor Chauncey Bailey – got the city to approve an advance on a $1.2 million federal redevelopment loan to launch training program for health care jobs.

Within three months, the group had burned through $275,000 without turning out a single graduate.

They did, however, spend $650 a month to lease a Cadillac.

Another $44,000 supposedly went to consulting fees, $10,500 went for security and $7,500 for advertising on a local cable station, where then-leader Yusuf Bey had a weekly TV show.

When asked to explain what was going on, the Black Muslim Bakery cadre – in one of their typical tactics – marched in unison from the bakery to City Hall, then entered the council chambers like a precision drill team, lining up along the room’s back walls.

They then asked for another $70,000 to keep the project going.

And they got it, with the council voting 6-2 to grant the funds – minus the money for the Cadillac.

“The message was very clear – we are watching you,” said City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente, who cast one of the votes against the group’s request.

The school never opened.

And the loan – one of several the council made that year to help disadvantaged businesses – was never repaid.

The East Bay Express is featuring its 2002 reporting on the troublesome history of Oakland’s most prominent Black Muslims — and the political establishment that protects them. Here’s a snippet. Read the entire investigative series:

A close examination involving court and government records, police reports, and dozens of interviews has uncovered a trail of alleged violence, brutality, and fraud that stretches back almost a decade. Members and associates of the Bey “family” have terrorized countless Oakland residents, fomented racial hatred, and even allegedly threatened to kill apostate women who break with the organization or go public with their stories. Court records and police reports reveal the following:

• A group of up to six soldiers in the Black Muslim organization, led by a senior member of the Bey family, allegedly tortured two men for up to four hours — and were allegedly transporting him under armed escort when police arrived.

• When Oakland police tried to arrest the men involved in this incident, thirty Black Muslims mounted an organized assault on the officers — and the leader allegedly rallied his troops by calling for the death of white cops.

• While acting as managers of a North Oakland apartment complex, four Black Muslims allegedly beat a tenant unconscious during an argument about his daughter.

• Prominent family member Nedir Bey has been accused of stalking his estranged lover, threatening to hurt her or steal their children.

• Yusuf Bey has been accused of beating and raping a young girl, forcing her to lie about the children he fathered and allegedly threatening to kill her if she talked.

Yet after all these years of scandal and crime, members of the Bey family still somehow enjoyed a reputation as upright — if passionate — citizens right up to the moment of the elder Bey’s arrest. Yusuf Bey and his lieutenants received adulation in the press, enormous city subsidies, and, in some quarters, the respect accorded elder statesmen. No matter what they did, their phone calls got returned. Whether it took the form of active patronage or weary capitulation, almost every player in Oakland politics has accommodated the Bey family in one way or another.

Same old, same old: The East Bay Express reported five years ago on the MSM’s burying of the stories of rampant corruption and crime tied to the bakery:

In March 1994, Black Muslim leader Nedir Bey allegedly tortured a man for several hours, beating him with a police flashlight and jamming the barrel of a gun inside his mouth. When Oakland police arrived to investigate the incident, Bey’s associates mounted an organized attack in which mob leader Basheer Muhammad allegedly rallied his troops by shouting that white officers would soon die. How did the Oakland Tribune play the story? By burying it on page A-13. And what did the San Francisco Chronicle write? Nothing.

In May 1994, mayoral candidate Yusuf Bey organized a massive hate rally that featured disgraced Nation of Islam spokesman Khalid Muhammad ranting about the “no-good, hook-nosed Jews sucking our blood.” Yusuf Bey heaped praise upon his guest speaker and scolded Jews who objected to Muhammad’s appearance. How did the East Bay Express respond? By running a profile of Bey later that summer that treated him as a thoughtful statesman, speaking of his “life devoted to the development of economic self-reliance for Oakland’s African-American community.”


After years of horrific allegations of torture, beatings, and anti-Semitism on the part of the Bey “family,” what does state Senator Don Perata think of Yusuf Bey? “The leadership you provide should be an inspiration to all concerned over the city’s future,” Perata wrote Bey in August. You can read the senator’s words for yourself; his framed, handwritten letter sits atop the pie case in the lobby of Bey’s bakery.

When it comes to indulging the racism and alleged crimes of Yusuf Bey and some of his associates, there’s plenty of blame to go around. For two decades, ugly stories about the Beys have circulated throughout the city of Oakland, but no one in a position of power has spoken up about it. Instead, white and black leaders alike have embraced Bey as a pillar of the African-American community. Whether due to cowardice, ignorance, or Machiavellian realpolitik, government officials and media outlets have chosen inaction and silence — a choice with terrible ramifications for some Oakland residents.

Tragically prescient. Remember: This was written and published five years before the execution-style murder of Chauncey Bailey, whose funeral will be held today.

Those who actively supported this crime syndicate and those who passively looked the other way for so long have blood on their hands.

They should be held to account.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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