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Defending Stanislav Shmulevich
Where's the ACLU? Oh, there's the ACLU.
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Many of you have asked how you can contribute to/help the defense of Stanislav Shmulevich, the former Pace University student being charged with felony hate crimes for putting copies of the Koran in a campus toilet on two occasions last fall.

Charles Johnson at LGF has an update:

The latest news on the Stanislav Shmulevich Koran-dunking “hate crime:” Mr. Shmulevich now has a legal team, and two LGF members are on it. His defense is being prepared.

The team intends to act pro bono (without charge to Stan), but in any case like this there will be substantial legal expenses unrelated to the attorneys; so they are also planning to set up a transparent fund to receive donations from interested parties. When that’s established I’ll post more details.

Must-see: Christopher Hitchens battles CAIR over the case. Video here.

And more legal analysis from Allah, Megyn Kelly, and Eugene Volokh.

The flush to judgment continues. Where’s the ACLU?


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