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The Democrats Want You...To Shut Your Traps
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Bumped…originally posted July 21, 2007 @ 22:12

Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna sends the Photoshop of the Week, dedicated to the “See Something, Shut Up” Democrats who blocked the John Doe amendment:


An Army of Photoshoppers has been unleashed again. Justin Higgins sends this:


Are We Lumberjacks:


Reader William T. sends his contribution and notes that you can make your own construction sign here:


Reader Andy:



It’s an uncanny bit of timing that the NYC MTA has just launched a new campaign to urge citizen vigilance and activism…just as Beltway Dems have sent a message to those tipsters to shut their traps.

July 17, 2007

It’s the same message you’ve been getting from the MTA for years, but now you’ll be hearing it in your living room.

The agency unveiled television commercials for its five-year-old “See Something, Say Something” campaign Tuesday.

The collaborative effort between the MTA and city, state, and federal governments, encourages commuters to take an active role in keeping the city’s subways buses and commuter rail lines safe.

“We want to take it to a higher level,” said MTA Executive Director & CEO Elliot “Lee” Sander. “It is just incredibly important that we use the eyes, ears that New Yorkers have in riding our subway cars, our buses, our commuter rails.”

“Terrorists’ timetables are not known,” said New York State Deputy Secretary for Public Safety Michael Balboni. “Things can happen at any time and that’s why it’s absolutely crucial that when you ride the subways, when you ride the trains, take a step out and look at your environment.”

In 2006, nearly 2,000 riders did just that.

“We rely on them. There are more commuters then there are police officers, so we do need their assistance,” said Joseph Martelli, Deputy Inspector, MTA Police. “Similar to how people call 911 when people see something suspicious on their street, we need our commuters to call something in that they feel might be suspicious.”

Here’s one of the just-unveiled New York City “see something, say something” posters that’s ripe for a Photoshop:


And here’s another:


One more sign ripe for a P-shop makeover in the wake of the Dems’ refusal to support John Doe:


Have at it! I’ll post ’em here.


I posted Justin Higgins’ P-shop on Thursday, but it’s worth re-posting again for further inspiration:


Update: Justin answers the call again:



The Minneapolis Star Tribune follows up on where the John Doe amendment is headed:

Republicans have been demanding that the lawsuit protections be added in a conference committee meeting to reconcile the House and Senate versions of what has been dubbed the “9/11 bill.” The committee, of which Coleman is a member, adjourned Thursday without taking up the proposal.

Coleman’s staff said the measure could come up again as the Senate finishes work on the conference report this week.

The postponement came as 64 House Republicans — including Rep. John Kline of Minnesota — distributed a letter saying “No American should fear lawsuits for doing the right thing.”

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