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Moonbat Art in Portland Update: Airport Authorities Say It Will Stay Put
"Please be assured that it is not our intention to offend anyone."
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Thanks to all of you who sent feedback to Portland Airport authorities about the nutball America-bashing, Second Amendment-bashing, capitalism-bashing anti-war “art” hanging in the publicly-subsidized facility.

Here’s the official response of airport authorities:

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us regarding artwork in the airport.

Please be assured that it is not our intention to offend anyone. Art is inherently subjective and can be provocative and thought provoking. We understand how it can affect people in different ways and we regret that this one has affected you negatively.

The artwork you mentioned is part of an Art in the Schools exhibit that is one element of an airport-wide art program. Our goal with this temporary, rotating display, as with all of the art at PDX, is to show our support for the arts and to offer opportunities for the public to view various art forms. This particular program also seeks to assist Oregon college and university art students with the development of their craft. The art is displayed for six months at PDX and some of it has previously been shown in various community venues in the state.

We are not taking a position on this piece of artwork or any of the other pieces in this program. We contract with the Regional Arts and Culture Council to manage this program. They, along with the colleges involved, review and select the art based on its artistic merit, not on its content. Since the program’s inception, hundreds of pieces of artwork have been displayed in the airport in this exhibition area and we do hear many positive comments from travelers who enjoy the art exhibits in the airport.

Although we retain the right to decline art that is chosen under this program, we do not plan to remove art from this display until its normal rotation ends in November of this year.

Again, thank you for sharing your opinion,

Customer Relations

Portland International Airport

Terrific. The art comes from a moonbat student. If anyone can find out more about the genesis of the “art” and any other examples of pieces exhibited along with it, let me know.



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