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Update: Airman Shot by Unhinged Anti-War Gunman in Serious But Stable Condition
Senior Airman Jonathan Schrieken, a loadmaster in the 6th Airlift Squadron, could use your prayers and well wishes.
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Here’s the latest on the young McGuire Air Force Base airman who was shot in the heart by an armed anti-war zealot:

The 22-year-old McGuire Air Force Base airman who was the target of an attempted murder-suicide in Willingboro last week remains hospitalized in serious but stable condition, a military official said today.

Senior Airman Jonathan Schrieken is recuperating at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, where he was initially listed in critical condition after the July 4 shooting but has since been upgraded to serious condition, said Public Affairs Spc. Angel Lopez, a base spokeswoman. His family is with him in the hospital, Lopez said.

Lopez declined to say whether Schrieken is conscious, citing privacy restrictions. She also would not comment on his prognosis for recovery or when he is expected to leave the hospital, saying those decisions will be made on a “day-by-day basis” as doctors see “how he progresses.”

McGuire representatives have visited Schrieken, a loadmaster in the 6th Airlift Squadron, “to show their support and provide him with their thoughts and prayers,” Lopez said.

A reader e-mailed this address to send Schrieken get well cards:

Jonathan Schrieken

Cooper University Hospital

1 Cooper Plaza

Camden NJ 08103

You can also send an eGreeting here.

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