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The Mess in Pakistan
Musharraf grants amnesty to the Red Mosque jihadis.
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Lawhawk notes that someone attempted to assassinate Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf as his plane took off from a military base today. Weasel Zippers thinks Musharraf has quite possibly “signed his own death warrant” by granting amnesty to the Red Mosque jihadis:

President Musharraf this morning approved a general amnesty for all those still holed up in the Lal Masjid, the “Red Mosque” of the capital that has been caught up in a firefight with the Pakistani army since 4 July.

The government has also decided to withdraw all the charges leveled against Muslim militants since last February, the period when the latter embarked on the “talibanization” of the country. According to internal sources, the measures were decided to avoid further bloodshed.

It’s a bargain that’s sure to backfire. Amnesties usually do.


Animesh Roul at the Counterterrorism Blog has more on Operation Lal Deen.

Related: Video – Red Mosque savage’s shame memorialized for posterity.

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