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Special Delivery for Michael Chertoff
Let them eat lettuce! Update: DHS refuses Tancredo's lettuce for "security reasons." Seriously.
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See update below

From Tom Tancredo’s website:

Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO) will send a head of lettuce and a fruit basket to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff today. Tancredo made the move after Chertoff told reporters earlier this week that enforcing the law is causing produce shortages.

“The administration has taken hyperbole to a whole new level this time,” said Tancredo, “They are now trying to convince the public that without amnesty, the American people are going to starve?”

“The agriculture industry and the free market has managed to keep producing through floods, droughts, and $3.00 per gallon gas,” said Tancredo, “I doubt very seriously that a nominal increase in labor costs is going to be the end of lettuce as we know it.”

According to National Journal’s Hotline this morning, Chertoff said in a conference call on 6/27 with reporters that, “We’re living in a world in which lettuce and fruit is not being picked because we are enforcing the law.”

A staffer from Congressman Tancredo’s office will deliver a head of lettuce and a small fruit basket from a local grocery store to Secretary Chertoff’s office at 3 PM ET today located at 3801 Nebraska Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20528.

Congressman Tancredo wrote in the card, “Much, much more where this comes from.”

Google “Chertoff and lettuce.” He sure does seem to have a hang-up about it. He’s like Captain Queeg with the strawberries.

Wish he were as publicly worried about illegal alien drunk drivers, visa overstayers, and al Qaeda operatives slipping across the southern border.

The Lettuce War heats up. Sen. Ken Salazar and DHS are miffed. Really miffed:

A fruit and vegetable basket prompted blistering criticism Wednesday between two members of Colorado’s congressional delegation.

Democratic Sen. Ken Salazar accused anti-illegal-immigration firebrand Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Littleton Republican, of “playing political stunts” and “compromising the national security of this country and the economic security of our future.”

The comment came after Tancredo attempted to send a basket of lettuce, apples and other produce to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Tancredo said he wanted to protest Chertoff’s recent comment to reporters that crops are rotting in the fields because immigration agents are arresting workers.

Tancredo, told of Salazar’s comment, lobbed his own verbal bomb.

“It may be a political stunt,” Tancredo said of the basket delivery, “but his own comment about it is political idiocy.”

The Department of Homeland Security refused to accept the basket, citing security concerns.

This is the same DHS that allowed a man with a fake matricula card to get into its Washington headquarters.


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