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Et Tu, Michael Chertoff?
Name-calling Michael Chertoff decries name-calling by exclamation point-wielding bloggers.
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The White House thinks we’re stupid. DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff thinks we suffer from short-term memory loss. Check out the transcript of Chertoff’s remarks yesterday at a breakfast with the Christian Science Monitor:

Question: Do you think the comments in the blogosphere or on talk radio make it more difficult for members to come to the center on this issue because those comments emphasize, you know, either the left’s support in the form of Ted Kennedy for the bill or I guess the right in the form of the Bush Administration?

Secretary Chertoff: I mean, I understand it’s personally difficult—must be personally difficult sometimes for people to hear discussion on the radio or on television or on blogs which is intemperate, where people are called names. That’s where I do think we step over the line if someone says that you’re a sellout or a traitor if you support the bill. Or sometimes—I mean, I don’t spend a lot of time in the blogosphere but sometimes I see blogs. And, you know, when people write blogs, some of them are well reasoned. But some of them have a lot of capital letters and exclamation points and a lot of language that you tend to hear in an Army barracks and a lot of cursing and attacking of other people’s motives. I don’t think that that’s particularly helpful.

But, you know, I think you make a decision that if you’re going to get into public life, you’re going to do the right thing. And if people are angry and don’t like it, so be it.

Mr. Cook:Dan.

Secretary Chertoff: Can I—let me just say one other thing.

I lived for a long time in an environment where I was prosecuting people, organized crime. So these are people who are bad people who will do pretty much whatever they can to stay out of jail. So I figure if I survived that, you know, I’m not going to worry about people calling me names.

The guy has chutzpah. Here’s a reminder of what poor, aggrieved victim Chertoff said last month about immigration enforcement proponents (video):

MICHAEL CHERTOFF, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: You know, Wolf, first, I understand there’s some people who expect anything other than capital punishment is an amnesty. The reality is the proposal here requires people who came in illegally who want to stay to pay a penalty. Like a fine. That’s a punishment. That’s not an amnesty.

And here’s a reminder of what he told Newsweek about opponents of the shamnesty bill:

I understand that some people think it’s not tough enough. Maybe they want people thrown in jail for 10 years or they want people executed.

What was that about attacking of other people’s motives, Secretary Chertoff?

Perhaps he should stop talking to the MSM and CLEAR THE DAMN BACKLOGS FIRST!!!!.

Oh, dear. Pardon my capital letters, exclamation points, and Army barracks language. Didn’t mean to frighten you. But you know how we Loud Folks are.

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