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Ex-Muslims Stand Up in Britain
Courageous apostates risk death to expose the threat of sharia law.
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I’m not sure why Reuters puts ex-Muslims in scare quotes, but here’s the wire service’s piece on some of the bravest of the brave in Europe today:

“Ex-Muslims” hoping to change the terms of debate about Islam in Europe will launch a British group in London on Thursday.

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain will be the latest addition to groupings that began in Germany in February and spread to Scandinavia in May. A Dutch group will hold its launch in September.

The activists, many of them Iranian exiles, support the freedom to criticize religion and the end to what they call “religious intimidation and threats”.

“Too many things in the media and government policies have been geared to pandering to the political Islamic movements and Islamic organizations,” Maryam Namazie, head of the British group, told Reuters by telephone from London on Wednesday.

“I hope we’ll get a lot more attention and begin to change the debate,” said Namazie, who left Iran in 1980 after the Islamic revolution there.

Leaving Islam is considered a crime punishable by death in some Muslim-majority countries. Muslims in Europe practice their faith less than their co-religionists in the Middle East but few openly proclaim themselves apostates or atheists.

Sugiero has more on Maryam Namazie, including a few video interviews. Here’s one:

Her website is here.

Fellow dissidents Walid Shoebat and Aayan Hirsi Ali speak out here.

Find a way to show your support. These are the people putting their necks on the line for Western civilization. Literally.

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