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Busted: NYC Terror Plot; Updated with Criminal Complaint
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Update: Courtesy of Robert Nardoza at the United States Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York, I’ve received the 33-page criminal complaint. We’ve posted the whole thing at Hot Air (scroll down at HA for PDF link).

Here’s the DOJ press release.

Here’s Abdul Kadir, the former Guyanese opposition leader and one of the JFK terror ring suspects in custody in Trinidad:


How Kadir was nabbed, via

Kadir’s wife, Isha, said that her husband was nabbed while boarding a flight to Venezuela, where he planned to pick up a travel visa to attend an Islamic religious conference in Iran. He had flown from Guyana to Trinidad on Thursday.

But Kadir’s daughter said that her father had no knowledge or association to the plot that aimed to kill thousands of people and trigger an economic catastrophe by blowing up a jet fuel artery that runs through populous residential neighborhoods.

Kadir has no problems with America, would never do anything wrong and would never associate with a group like Al Qaeda, his daughter said.

“This is a total surprise,” she said.

Kareem Ibrahim is another suspect in custody in Trinidad.

Russell DeFreitas is in custody here in NY.

Abdel Nur, the other jihadi suspect charged, is at large and still being sought in Trinidad.


“One of the most chilling imaginable.” United States Attorney Roslynn R. Mauskopf also added: “The devastation that would be caused had this plot succeeded is just unthinkable.”

Actually, it is thinkable.


“This is a very determined group. They engaged in precise and extensive surveillance, surveillance that included physical surveillance, photographic surveillance, video surveillance, even the use of the Internet to obtain satellite photographs of the JFK facility. They engaged in extensive conversations and international travel furthering and refining their conspiracy,” an FBI spokesman says in a briefing whose audio was broadcast on Fox News Channel.

NYDN: One of the suspects boasted to a federal informant that “he had a vision that would make the World Trade Center attack seem small,” according to the criminal complaint.

Allah’s got full coverage. It was a long time in planning–since at least January 2006.

The jihadi suspects who are accused of plotting to blow up jet fuel tanks and pipelines at JFK airport: Russell Defreitas, Abdul Nur, Kareem Ibrihim and Abdul Kadir. Roots in Trinidad and Guyana. (Background on al Qaeda’s inroads in the Caribbean here and at LGF.) And a possible tie to an al Qaeda fugitive I’ve blogged plenty about: Adnan Shukrijumah

FBI agents feared but never confirmed the three men accused of plotting to attack John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York were linked to one of the most wanted al Qaeda leaders, Adnan Shukrijumah, known to have operated out of Guyana and Trinidad.

Officials tell the Blotter on that they heard repeated references to “Adnan” during the extensive wiretaps conducted on the suspects’ telephone conversations, including calls to Guyana and Trinidad.

There is a $5 million reward for information on Shukrijumah, who officials consider extremely dangerous because of the years he spent living in the Miami area and his known ties to al Qaeda. Some of the 9/ll hijackers attended a south Florida mosque run by Shukrijumah’s now deceased father.

Shukrijumah left the United States just a few months before September 2001.


Shukrijumah’s disappearance, rumored sightings in Mexico and Latin America, and possible hook-up with south American/Mexican gangs underscore the border security/homeland security nexis. Investor’s Business Daily, citing Shukrijumah, published an editorial earlier this week making just that point:

At a recent UCLA forum on terrorism, Los Angeles officials said the city’s estimated 40,000 gang members are an attractive target for terrorists like al-Qaida. “There are many, many more people who consider themselves jihadists now,” said L.A. Police Deputy Chief Mark Leap. “And criminal enterprises are being used to support terrorist activities.”

L.A. County Sheriff’s Lt. John Sullivan said officials are worried al-Qaida could tap into smuggling networks that move migrants and contraband across Mexico’s porous border and into the U.S.

Chief among them is the notorious MS-13 gang, which has infiltrated L.A. and other U.S. cities from Central America.

“MS-13 has a lot of characteristics that could facilitate terrorist activities,” Sullivan said, noting that al-Qaida has stated its intent to smuggle black-market nuclear devices into the U.S. and kill at least 4 million Americans.

Los Angeles remains a prime al-Qaida target, officials at the forum warned.

Al-Qaida leader Adnan El Shukrijumah was recently spotted in Central America, sparking rumors he’s recruiting Hispanic gang members. The FBI has put out a $5 million bounty on El Shukrijumah, whom it suspects Osama bin Laden has lined up as “the next Mohamed Atta.”

…The [;ast] thing we need is an “axis of evil” within our own borders that finds al-Qaida hooking up with immigrant street gangs.

Jim Hoft is blogging at JFK Airport.

Newsbusters asks: “How Soon Before Media Blame Bush For Timing of Arrests?”

I’m already starting to see the pooh-poohing of this bust from the Left. This wasn’t “real.” Just a bunch of hapless amateurs. 9/11 was an inside job. Another fear-mongering stunt. Blah blah. Blah. Never mind the long list of homegrown jihad busts that continues to grow, as WaPo notes:

The arrests mark the latest in a series of alleged homegrown terrorism plots targeting high-profile American landmarks.

A year ago, seven men were arrested in what officials called the early stages of a plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and destroy FBI offices and other buildings.

A month later, authorities broke up a plot to bomb underwater New York City train tunnels to flood lower Manhattan.

And six people were arrested a month ago in an alleged plot to unleash a bloody rampage on Fort Dix in New Jersey.

They missed a few. Watch here.

It’s the jihad, stupid.

But never mind. Didn’t mean to bother the oblivious with reality. Go back to what you were doing:




Video flashback: American jihad and the Baltimore terror cell plot to blow up gas stations.

Where is Adnan Shukrijumah?

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