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Prom Season Gone Wild
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This is nuts (via NYPost):

Staffers at fashion emporiums all over the city are brimming with anecdotes of teenager spending gone wild.

“We definitely have girls coming in here and trying dresses on for prom,” said a saleswoman at Dolce & Gabbana, where frocks regularly fetch $3,000.

One seller at Barneys said she recently peddled a $2,700 ivory, ballerina-style dress to a Manhattan private-school senior.

And it’s not just the perfect dress – a few rich kids are getting plumper puckers and Botoxed brows for their big night.

Dr. Lewis Feder said two teens came to his Fifth Avenue office for some pre-prom primping that included Botox between the eyes.

“They both had very hyperactive muscles,” said the Fifth Avenue doctor. “We gave them each half a syringe, and the muscles are smooth and beautiful.”

He said he has also given three other girls – two from Westchester and one from Manhattan – Restylane injections for artfully fattened lips that cost about $600 each.

“Their parents authorized me,” he said.


On the flip side, a story about a girl with the right values:

Some underprivileged teens are going to have some glamorous gowns for their school prom thanks to the dream of South Florida girl.

A prom dress drive is being held on Tuesday in Pembroke Pines. The drive is headed by “Becca’s Closet”, a charity started by the family of 16-year-old Rebecca Kirtman, who was driven by the phrase: “Little things can make a big difference.”

Rebecca launched a dress bank during her freshman year in high school which provided dresses and formal accessories to high school girls who wanted to attend their prom or homecoming, but did not have the money to purchase them.

Tragically, Rebecca passed away in an automobile accident on August 20, 2003, but her family and friends continue to keep her dream alive.

Last spring, “Becca’s Closet” single-handedly collected over 250 prom dresses, enabling many girls throughout South Florida to attend their High School proms in style.

Find out more at the Becca’s Closet website.

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