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Rosie Leaving the View?
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Update: Video of the announcement…plus speculation on the replacement. Margaret Cho? Whoopi?

***Update: Reportedly confirmed***


That seems to be the buzz.

Here was her vulgar performance at the Matrix awards in case you missed it. Lorie has a big round-up.

I said earlier this month that ABC was not going to do the responsible thing and and proactively can her after her “9/11 was an inside job” cheerleading. I was right. Out of ideological sympathy and then cowardice, they let her drag down public discourse further and they let her choose her time and manner of departure.

The question now is: Where will she take her big mouth next?



9/11 conspiracy-mongers and the advertisers who love them

Hey, Rosie: read my lips

Hey, Rosie O’Donnell: Did you teach your kids to speak “ching chong,” too?

The (Conservative) View

Rosie O’Donnell: Psycho mom

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