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***4:15pm update***

Ann Coulter just finished her riff on Al Gore, tossed out some cute jokes (“You can understand why Hollywood is concerned about global warming. You know what heat does to plastic.”), and ended with a cheap one-liner about John Edwards being a “faggot.” (Paraphrasing) She said she would refrain from commenting on Edwards because “if you say faggot, you have to go to rehab.”

A smattering of laughter.

Not from this corner.

Crickets chirping.

Flashback: Last year’s bomb about “ragheads.”

I’m getting e-mails from campaign staffers complaining if I haven’t mentioned their candidate’s speech. Sorry: Just not humanly possible to listen to all of them. The CPAC site has links to all.

***update: 200pm Giuliani speech***


The Regency Ballroom was packed. Bryan and I barreled our way in as George Will was introducing Giuliani.

“New York City has been liberalism’s laboratory in the 20th century,” Will noted, nurturing a “culture of complaint. “Conservatism comes in many flavors, and your next speaker’s is the flavor of Margaret Thatcher.” Will joked that Thatcher couldn’t resist swinging her handbag at any bureaucratic institution that got in her way.

Applause for Giuliani’s entrance was strong. Giuliani joked that if he started swinging handbags around, he’d have another issue. The Mayor walked through his policies on taxes, welfare reform, American education, and finally national security and terrorism. About two seconds total devoted to immigration and border security, but his praise for Reagan and his closing remarks about the war were well received.


“I believe the Republican Party’s greatest contribution is when we give more freedom to people.”

“America will prevail against the Islamic terrorists. I have no doubt.”

“Maybe we made a mistake in calling this the war on terrorism. This is not our war on them. This is their war on us.” (Prolonged applause.)

“This war ins over when they stop planning to come over here and kill us. Until then, we have to remain on offense against terrorists.”

“America has the right ideas. We should not be embarrassed by ourselves. We are the luckiest people in the world.”


Interlude: Two punks from The Nation with a camera stopped by my book signing to ambush me about In Defense of Internment. Have they bothered to read the book? No. I look forward to their butchering of my comments and

the predictable unhinged reaction.

***update 1156am***

Giuliani’s scheduled to speak at noon. Meantime, a popular sticker…


***update 942am***


Newt Gingrich landed at Blogger Row. He chatted with Hot Air TV for 10 minutes. We’ll have the interview up later. I asked whether bloggers would have seats at Gingrich White House press briefings. Gingrich says he contacted Tony Snow and proposed a White House press corps blogger rotation. Let’s see where it goes.


Our first Hot Air TV report from CPAC: Dolphins! Hair reviews! And the anti-PETA mascot.

The quip of the night last night from Cheney:

“The enemy we face in the war on terror has made Iraq the primary front in that war. To use a popular phrase, this is an inconvenient truth.”

Robert Bluey’s Cheney/Bolton wrap-up.

Ed Morrissey on AWOL John McCain:

McCain has gone out of his way to stress his conservative credentials, especially on hot-button topics such as abortion and the war. If that’s true, then what does he have to fear from a conference of conservatives predisposed to his positions? In fact, if he claims to represent conservatives, why should he fear speaking in front of a group of them?

We debated this quite a bit on Blogger’s Corner yesterday (which is somewhat misnamed, since we occupy a row and not a corner, but that’s another story).Someone made the point that the eventual nominee needs the people in this conference to act as foot soldiers in the general election. What does it say to those foot soldiers if that nominee is too afraid to face them because he might get booed — a slim possibility in any case? How does that nominee inspire loyalty in those he explicitly spurned out of the gate?

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