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How to Become a Leading Democrat's Blogmaster; Updated/Correction--and More Wit and Wisdom of Amanda Marcotte
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Amanda Marcotte: A bleepin’ embarrassment

Last week, far left-wing blogger Amanda Marcotte began her stint as Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards’ “blogmaster:”

This is both my first post to the Edwards blog and my announcement that I’m joining the presidential campaign for John Edwards for 2008. I’ll be taking over the job of Blogmaster (mistress?) over the course of the month of February.

The main two questions this brings up are: Why me? And why John Edwards?

As for me, I run and write for a blog called Pandagon, which is one of the top liberal political blogs on the internet and known mostly for insightful and often humorous political blogging. We pride ourselves on being an issues-oriented blog, instead of a blog that mimics the “horse race” coverage of politics that dominates so much of the mainstream media. Prior to my stint at Pandagon, I was the sole blogger at a blog called Mouse Words, which won the 2004 Koufax award for Best New Blog. My obsessions in politics include women’s rights, ending the war in Iraq, environmentalism, and restoring the American dream where climbing out of poverty and having a middle class lifestyle is an option available to everyone.

Why John Edwards? Well, look again at that list of political obsessions and you have your answer. John Edwards is the only Democrat in the field of potential nominees who is interested in pursuing the right policies in all these areas. Especially important to me is that he is interested in fighting poverty in America and putting that middle class dream in the hands of all Americans.

This campaign also excited my interests, because we have the goal of making the most out of the untapped resource that is the internet. Already this blog has more interactivity and genuinely interesting and issues-oriented content than any other campaign site I’ve seen thus far, and with the new staff we’re bringing together, we will be able to take it much further in that direction. Internet organizing is still in its infancy as far as I’m concerned and I expect that the presidential election of 2008 will be a major factor in taking internet political organizing to the next level. Of course I want to be a part of that!

The question is: How long will the Edwards campaign want the “insightful” and “issues-oriented” Marcotte to be a part of them?

Seems that everyone but the Edwards campaign has tracked Marcotte’s foul-mouthed nutroots diatribes. Or perhaps the Edwards team is well aware of her lunatic blogging and can’t wait for her to unleash her unbridled anger on their spiffy website to give him a gritty, “progressive” edge.

Whatever the case, Walter Olson, K.C. Johnson, LieStoppers, and Jon Ham all caught Marcotte trying to cover the unhinged tracks at her old blog. At some point before she started her new job, she deleted a screed about the Duke lacrosse players that she had posted at Pandagon on Jan. 21. Jon Ham captured the cached screenshot:


Guess what? It’s not the only completely off-the-wall, profanity-choked post she’s trying to hide.* Updated/correction below

Look at this:


Now, here’s the Google cached page of that missing post that someone doesn’t want the Edwards campaign to see:




Just a small taste of the “insightful” and “issues-oriented” writing that apparently makes one qualified to be the blogmaster of a Democrat presidential campaign.

And there’s plenty more where that came from, if the Edwards campaign only bothers to look.

***Updated/Correction. Looks like Marcotte’s Katrina post is actually still available to the public here under a different URL. My bad. Or rather, John Edwards’ bad. Because it’s even worse for the Edwards campaign that its blogmaster left crackpot posts like that one up and hired her anyway.


Contact info for the John Edwards campaign here.

Oh, don’t worry about Marcotte. If the Edwards campaign cans her, she can always apply for a job at They adore sassy, spewing liberal bloggers who have incoherently cursed their way to the top.


Danny Glover notes a Pandagon habit (hat tip – Instapundit):

…Marcotte has been both dismissive and defiant in response to her critics.

“[I]f I see the words ‘Duke’ or ‘lacrosse’ in an e-mail that has the whiff of accusatory tone, I’m deleting it and simply not going to reply to it,” she wrote at Pandagon. “I have never, ever stated that I think that anyone should go to jail without a proper trial. Those comments will also be deleted from this thread.”

That thread eventually was closed, but the controversy surrounding both Marcotte’s thoughts on the Duke case and her subsequent attempts to alter the historical record is continuing…

…Marcotte’s behavior the past couple of days reminded me of something I discovered at Pandagon late last year when researching my New York Times article on bloggers who had gone to work for campaigns. One of those bloggers, Jesse Taylor, got his start at Pandagon before joining the campaign of now-Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat.

I reported Taylor’s move when it happened in October 2005 and linked to his announcement at Pandagon. When I clicked back to Taylor’s post in November 2006, it was gone and there was no sign of it in Pandagon’s archives. I had to search the Wayback Machine to find Taylor’s post again.

Did Marcotte, who claimed ownership of Pandagon upon Taylor’s departure, scrub the site of his disclosure, and if so, why? Those questions came to my mind last fall but didn’t seem worth asking then. They were just a curiousity.

Now that Marcotte has shown a penchant for deleting Pandagon content that causes her grief, maybe the questions are worth asking — though I gather that my “whiff of accusatory tone” would just land any query I sent to her in the electronic trash.



A reader sends Marcotte’s defense of Cynthia McKinney’s abuse of the Capitol police, titled “Even if Cynthia McKinney did what they say, it wouldn’t matter:”

Back when Cynthia McKinney was stopped by the cops, Pandagon (Amanda) wrote this:

“One of the tools of male dominance and white supremacy is to create reasonable rules and then only hold non-white people or women

accountable for breaking them. I notice that the cop putting his hands

on a woman isn’t being held up an example of violence. I often flip shit

when a man puts his hands on me against my will, because it often puts a

stop to the aggressive behavior immediately–I know that public gropers,

for instance, rely on the social expectation of female submmissiveness

to get away with what they do and you can generally scare the shit out

of them just by screaming, but I’ve punched when I have to. Mostly

people admire this in me.

But then again, I’m white.”

And Dan Riehl plumbs the depths of Marcotte’s mind and posts more of her uncensored blog rants. A sample:

Too Sensitive For Their Own Good

I can’t wait until Nigger Jenkins and The Flying Kike-Boy fight over the Cruiserweight Championship next week! Oh, you’re offended? It’s just a discussion about racial tensions between blacks and jews, and the ending will promote racial reconciliation, at least until the Zionist Conspiracy gets involved.

Don’t believe the hype

While the media runs around jerking Bush off about Zarqawi’s reported death, it’s important to remember that BushCo and Zarqawi had a symbiotic relationship to play up his “membership” in al Qaeda.

Today’s “Jesus cries when women fuck” update by Amanda Marcotte

Well, the Texas House of Representatives got Republican Jesus and he reminded them that out of of all the things he hates, which are multitude, nothing incurs his wrath more than women’s sexuality.

Don’t relegate yourself to the used cunt lot


Of course, if you’re a perverted religious nut, the blood and the pain of “cherry”-breaking is probably a de riguer part of a woman’s life, both to give the man a cheap thrill of actual blood while enacting the sex-as-violent-possession construction that is part of virginity fetishization and to remind the woman of her religious teaching that womanhood is suffering (see: Genesis).

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