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Cirque du Moonbat. Plus: Video of the Hucked Up press conference.
No rest for the anti-war crowd: Some moonbats showed up to protest at Mike Huckabee's Iowa campaign office. The far Lefties at After Downing Street report: With 40 percent of Iowa’s Republican caucus voters expected to come from the ranks of conservative Christians, peace activists occupied Mike Huckabee’s campaign headquarters in Iowa’s capital city today... Read More
I resolve... cook more, exercise more, and keep my four-year-old from beating me at Wii tennis. A reader at Tim Blair's resolves to "to increase my carbon footprint to something resembling a small country." How about you? *** Mike Huckabee's resolution: Run a sanctimoniously positive campaign...after he shows reporters his negative anti-Romney ad. A... Read More
My nominee for the year's number one unsolved mystery: Who hung the noose at Columbia University? Still no suspects. Still no release of security video. A look back at an ABC/GMA interview with the Columbia professor who was the alleged hate crime target: And here's a reminder of the innocent professor who was unfairly smeared... Read More
"Support" the troops: Key their cars.
A late entrant for the Jerk of the Year contest via Blackfive: "Anti-Military Lawyer Damages Marine's Car on Eve of Deployment." Eugene Volokh looks at the legal issues involved in the case.
Update: One more for you--a heartbreaking reminder of the sacrifices so many American families made this year for our country. *** Last week, I shared a few favorite Baghdad photos I took in January. Here are a few more noteworthy images from 2007 that I won't soon forget: Michael Yon's iconic image of hope and... Read More
“If a place was too dangerous, too poor or too small, send the first lady.”
Your second Monday morning coffee-snorter: Hillary Clinton brags about her life-risking trips as First Lady (via Newsday). Move over, Jack Bauer... Don't ask Chelsea about it, though. She's not talking.
Double talk.
Your Monday morning coffee-snorter: Video of not-so-straight-talking John McCain claiming he "never" supported amnesty. Quoth McCain: "The fact is that I've never supported amnesty." Depends on the meaning of never: If this is McCain's strategy for winning over conservatives--lying to th
You've read the story here before: Innocent black residents of Los Angeles being targeted by violent Latino gangs. The race-hustling reverends have had nothing to say about it. But at least some in the press are paying more attention. The AP takes a look at F13's racial "cleansing" campaign: In a murderous quest aimed at... Read More
Moment of truth.
David Jeffers, the father of fallen hero Sgt. Eddie Jeffers, reports that he received a surprise phone yesterday from Nancy Pelosi (hat tip - Scott M.). Sgt. Jeffers published essays from Iraq over the past year and was killed in Ramadi in September at the age of 23. Is there a shred of humanity behind... Read More
Update 12/31: Lonewacko has reax. *** The Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News carries a lengthy lead editorial extolling the "illegal immigrant" as the 2007 "Texan of the Year." The full piece is here. (hat tip - Freedom Folks and readers). I'll cut to the chase and give you the paper's rather underwhelming,... Read More
The impeachment mob plans to stink up the Rose Bowl parade. It's all part of the New Year's wave of BDS activities I've been telling you about. Prepare for the ultimate moonbat convergence: Will we see muffin top again? Shudder... *** Expect to see "9/11 was an inside job signs." At the impeach
Thug love.
Because there aren't enough moonbat celebrity losers hanging around Venezuela: I smell sulfur. *** Doesn't Chavez know he's taking Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's reject?
Liberal crack-up.
Frustrated by the failure of the Dem leadership to carry through with impeachment, some Bush-haters in Brattleboro, Vermont want to subject President Bush and VP Cheney to arrest if they set foot in their town. Consider it sort of a do-it-yourself impeachment alternative: President Bush may soon have a new reason to avoid left-leaning Vermont:... Read More
The lefty blogs are buzzing over the latest Lee Enterprises Iowa caucus poll showing a virtual dead heat among the top three Dem candidates: Don't worry, Denny K. The Pizza Hut ad referencing your UFO quip isn't going to make a dent. Are you all surprised at Obama's four-point drop? Will he drag Oprah around... Read More
Following up on previous posts about ex-con killer Daniel Tavares (see here and here), who was released by a Mitt Romney-appointed judge, here's the Boston Herald's latest story on the case: Former Gov. Mitt Romney’s administration failed to act on disciplinary recommendations that would have kept ex-con killer Daniel Tavares locked up another year -... Read More
She knew.
Early yesterday, I noted the story of a TB-infected woman who was able to fly unimpeded earlier this month and is now in isolation in northern California. There are more details today in the San Francisco Chronicle: The authorities have finally seen fit to release specifics on her flight and whereabouts: County health officials, along... Read More
Hmmm. This is an interesting development. Dems have been caught off guard (via USAT): Politico adds: The veto startled Democratic congressional leaders, who believe Bush is bowing to pressure from the Iraqi government over a technical provision in the bill. The veto was unexpected because there was no ve
Speak no evil.
If she can't have plants asking her questions, no one will ask her questions! On the upside, she can't lie if her lips aren't moving. Can she?
A Yale professor named "Don't tase me, bro" as the most memorable phrase of 2007 last week. Here's the first of my two-part list of obvious and not-so-obvious notable quotables, words, headlines, and phrases of the year. Part I covers January through June. Part II will cover July through December. January: "Obscene amenities." - WaPo... Read More
Promises, promises.
It was a bad year for San Fran Nan. But she'll always have Syria...
BDS haiku contest!
I've been telling you that the impeachment mob is gearing up for big things in 2008. Rep. Robert Wexler is on the prowl--raising funds online, posting videos, and putting heat on the Democrat leadership to act on Dennis Kucinich's impeachment resolution. There's the impeachment play that'll be unveiled after New Year's. Santa Rosa City Council... Read More
Eco-poetry contest for kids.
Reader Mark S. passes along word of a state-funded global warming poetry contest for kids in Illinois: The winner gets to burn photos of George W. Bush at an anti-conservative bonfire with unhinged enviro-nutball Dave Lindorff.
Well, well, well.
Wonder what the Fox News Derangement Syndrome patients will say about this? Can I get a cackle up in here: The press release subheadline is funny...and telling: "Obama, Huckabee Fare Best; FOX Is Most Balanced (not a typo)" More:
Update 11:47am. Video - President Bush reacts. Dave Lindorff calls himself an "award-winning journalist" who also happens to be an impeachment freak, 9/11 conspiracist, Mumia abu Jamal cheerleader, and one of the nutballs who accused President Bush of being wired during a 2004 debate with John Kerry (remember "Bush's mystery bulge?") Now, he's eagerly rooting... Read More
Not Moving On.
Remember "Post election-selection trama"--or "PEST?" It's the liberal disease that predated Bush Derangement Syndrome, causing lefties of all shapes and sizes (e.g., Michael Moore) to sink into depression and shock as a result of the 2004 election. Symptoms linger. And a new Hollywood movie's upcoming release is bound to help stoke PESTies further. Via Politico:... Read More
Update Dec. 28, 10:30am. Bhutto buried. Update 3:20pm. Photos of Bhutto's coffin leaving a Rawalpindi hospital. Update 2:30pm. Tough talk and a reality check from Andy McCarthy... Update: Video -
Remember Andrew Speaker? He's the TB-infected American who was able to slip through several airline security layers and fly around the globe despite being on a no-fly list in May. There were several other TB/security incidents this year that have fallen down the memory hole. Looks like we still haven't learned anything (via SJMercNews): A... Read More
Black like Clinton?
In case you thought no one fell for Hillary's bogus Selma accent, think again. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, a black Democrat from Ohio, is down with her "sista:" This coveted endorsement comes on the heels of Andrew Young's approval of the Clintons' blackness. Surreal. Guess the "white boys" among "Hillaryland" know what they're doing...
Here's some straight talk about John McCain from New Hampshire voters, via the Boston Globe. The voters' main concerns: He's a Ted Kennedy shamnesty supporter and he's too old: The Manchester Union Leader attacks Romney as a Johnny-come-lately on behalf of McCain--himself a Johnny-come-lately (and not a very sincere one) on immigration enforcement. Uuuuggghh. Allah... Read More
Patti Solis Doyle: "Latina queena."
The WSJ has a softball profile of Hillary's "right-hand woman" (er, shouldn't that be "left-hand woman"), open borders activist and Norman Hsu guest Patti Solis Doyle. She is known as the "Latina queena:" Patti Solis grew up a gangly girl with cat-eye glasses and armfuls of books in the working-class Pilsen section of Chicago, the... Read More
Just thought you should be reminded of what the do-nothing Dems are up to:
Subversive sweets.
Holiday bake sales banned? Yes, really. If you haven't heard the story, Michael Graham lambastes the Nanny State food cops: Same thing's going on in
'Tis the season to be Gore-y.
Environmental busybodies never take a vacation. The lead letter on Christmas day at the San Francisco Chronicle echoed dim bulb Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels' recent "Stop global warming and buy CFLs or Santa will DIEDIEDIE!" threat: And in Aspen, Colorado, it looks like the green mayor there wants to kill a community hearth out of... Read More
Pity the fools.
Just what we needed to close out the year: Another Al Sharpton suck-up piece by the MSM. This one's from the Washington Post's Keith Richburg, who can barely manage to mention Sharpton's latest legal troubles: "Sharpton has thrived this year with his high-decibel microphone-to-megaphone activism, even in the face of a federal investigation of his... Read More
So: What was the best gift you gave? Received? Re-gifting prospects? Presents you wished you kept for yourself? Weigh in and enjoy the rest of the holiday!
Around the world.
Christmas at home with Hot Air: Christmas in Iraq (hat tip - The Bashman at Christmas in Kabul: Christmas in Shanghai: Christmas in England, 1957 (hat tip - Allah). And Swedish tenor Jussi Bjorling sings a divine "O Holy Night:" Merry Christmas to you all.
Hugo Chavez celebrity cheerleader Naomi Campbell can't get enough of leftist thug-o-crats. Now she's playing "investigative journalist" in Cuba--visiting housing projects and whoring for Fidel Castro. Hey, if Sean Penn can do it, why not Naomi? (Hat tip: Power Line) Actually, it's very clear what's she's doing: Making an abject global fool of herself.
The New York Times ends the year as it began: spreading ghoulish abortion propaganda. On New Year's Eve last year, the NYT's own ombudsman (who no longer works there now) exposed a false, sloppy, and unrepentant pro-abortion propaganda packaged as a New York Times Magazine cover story on abortion in El Salvador by freelance writer... Read More
Top story of 2007.
Poster hung at the desk of Capt. Travis Patriquin, who was killed in Ramadi on Dec. 6, 2006 in an IED explosion Remember when the Associated Press told you what the top 10 stories of the year were--and that was the end of discussion? No more. One of the wonderful benefits of the Internet is... Read More
"Un-American Girl Doll."
A San Francisco Chronicle editor fantasizes about making his daughter a radical Communist "Un-American Girl Doll" to give her a far Left alternative to the American Girl Doll collection: I know, American Girl makes a doll from San Francisco. As you'd guess she's from the 1970s -- that apparently is our place in history --... Read More
Terrible Stupidity Abounds.
Am I the only one who read this ABC News report and wondered: "Why the hell am I reading this?" What exactly did TSA hope to accomplish by allowing ABC News to tour this no-longer-secret "Secret Security Center" other than puffing itself up? How does this promote and protect our safety? You kno
A baby born. A mother stricken. A family made whole again.
A baby born. A mother stricken. A family made whole again: It's a story that will put you in the Christmas spirit.
No. You shut up.
Mixed in with the rent-a-rioters who stormed the New Orleans City Council meeting over public housing were a few homegrown thugs who refuse to be weaned from the public teat without a finger-pointing, racial epithet-hurling fight. Case in point: That angry lady in the BDS shirt shouting "I will not be treated like a slave!"... Read More
...a warm batch of Christmas cookies.
I picked up a couple of boxes of this Ghirardelli shortbread cookie mix at Target. It's a great short cut if you're looking to have some holiday baking fun with your kids without all the hassle of waiting for dough to chill, etc. And they taste great. We also used striped Hershey's kisses to decorate.... Read More
Meow! Moo! Cackle!
We elves at Hot Air (hee-hee-hee) re-cut Hillary Clinton's Christmas ad. Enjoy!
Removing the reason from the season.
Responding to Christopher Hitchens' atheist sing-along taking the Christ out of Christmas, blogger Baldilocks quipped in Hot Air comments: Which prompted my response: Xopher: Thus shall ye know him.
Yes, the Huckabee campaign "hucked up" again. Time for another NYPost cover! I was in the car listening to Rush Limbaugh responding to the Mike Huckabee campaign's attack on him. What an unbelievably knuckle-headed move by Huckabee's minions. Casting Limbaugh as part of the Beltway-Manhattan elite? Those who've been tuning in and listening closely know... Read More
"This could be an extraordinarily interesting experiment."
Brilliant: Just an idea being "floated." Proving that the ivory tower is phenomenally out of touch with reality, one professor says this plan would be no big deal: UC Berkeley law professor and corrections expert Franklin Zimring said that in raw numbers, "I don't know of any" other releases across the country that would match... Read More
Reader Neil sends this story from the Rochester (NY) Democrat and Chronicle about a business owner facing felony charges after shooting out the tire of a would-be robber: O'Connor's business has frequently been targeted by burglars and almost a
Don't hoax me, bro.
I added a link yesterday with video of the New Orleans public housing battle to my post on the Hurrican Katrina rent subsidy story in Houston. As Bryan Preston noted, most of the protesters were from outside the city. Jeff Crouere at Bayou Buzz had been warning about the rent-a-rioters for more than a week.... Read More
The sources of America’s immigration problems—and a possible solution
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.
The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century.
Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings