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Screaming UCLA Student Tasered
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***scroll for updates…CAIR jumps in…of course…bumping to the top…update 0837 added e-mail from UCLA student…***

Been getting e-mails about this all night. Here’s the video. The usual police-bashers are attacking campus security for taking extreme measures when the student repeatedly refused to show ID and physically defied them. The student is out of control. A mob forms. Did the officers overreact? (Let me be clear: If those officers broke any laws, they should be prosecuted. But the whole story needs to be told.) Who baited whom? Click to watch:


The UCLA Daily Bruin reports:

In incident late Tuesday night in which a UCLA student was stunned at least four times with a Taser has left the UCLA community questioning whether the university police officers’ use of force was an appropriate response to the situation.

Mostafa Tabatabainejad, a UCLA student, was repeatedly stunned with a Taser and then taken into custody when he did not exit the CLICC Lab in Powell Library in a timely manner. Community Service Officers had asked Tabatabainejad to leave after he failed to produce his BruinCard during a random check at around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

UCPD Assistant Chief of Police Jeff Young said the checks are a standard procedure in the library after 11 p.m.

“Because of the safety of the students we limit the use after 11 to just students, staff and faculty,” Young said.

Young said the CSOs on duty in the library at the time went to get UCPD officers when Tabatabainejad did not immediately leave, and UCPD officers resorted to use of the Taser when Tabatabainejad did not do as he was told.

A six-minute video showed Tabatabainejad audibly screaming in pain as he was stunned several times with a Taser, each time for three to five seconds. He was told repeatedly to stand up and stop fighting, and was told that if he did not do so he would “get Tased again.”

The Los Angeles Times, naturally, is trying to turn this latest videotaped incident into a broad-brushed excuse to tar all law enforcement. L.A. police officer Jack Dunphy weighs in on one of the other recent episodes caught on tape over at Patterico and at NRO.

Look for the administration to eschew a fair hearing of the guards’ perspective, take the p.c. line, convene police brutality awareness week, hold anti-profiling forums, indulge the baiters, and use the incident as a pretext for protesting the PATRIOT Act, border security, Gitmo, Iraq, the GOP “climate of fear,” and every other left-wing hobby horse in academia.


Faster than you can say “Islamophobia”–here comes CAIR. (Hat tip: John Stephenson):


Southern California Islamic leaders are calling for an independent investigation into Tuesday night’s incident at the UCLA library where campus police apparently stunned a student with a “Taser” gun.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations urged “state and national authorities, including the FBI” to investigate the incident involving the 23-year-old Mostafa Tabatabainejad.

Reader Joel e-mails:

I watched the taped you had posted on your blog about the UCLA officer. I am a police officer, as well as a trainer in situations similar to this.

What the officer did wrong was continue to ask the subject for compliance. I can tell by his (the officer’s) actions and his words that he is so afraid of doing the “wrong” thing that he has let the safety and well being of both himself and the others in the area become secondary. Police officers across the country are taught to take action quickly and most importantly “don’t’ do it like they do in California.” In other places without the PC police, that guy would have been jacked up and carried out in under 30 seconds, without tasers, noise, or video.

It is a very simple principle: 1+1… if a person uses one type of resistance, a police officer (even in California) is justified in using a force GREATER than that of the offender. If you say NO, then I can lay hands on you! If you fight, I can pepper spray, taser, even hit with a stick! If you have a knife or a club, I can shoot you.

Police officers that attempt to match a person’s resistance with the same amount of force all to often end up in litigation or dead.

I always ask new recruits, “Would you rather hit a person with your nightclub one time as hard as you can in the leg and gain control, OR hit him softly (the pc version) over and over until he gives up. Inevitably, new recruits are afraid to answer until I add…” don’t forget a TV camera is recording.” One solid strike is usually all it takes to gain compliance from someone like the offender in the video, and by the time that is over the folks with the cameras don’t even have time to push record.

Update: 8:37am…reader Andrew K. writes in:

I have been a long-time fan of your blog and am presently a freshman at UCLA. Clearly, the recent use of a Tazer by UCPD officers to subdue a student refusing to leave the library has caused quite a stir, and I thought I might provide you with a bit more information on the incident,

as well as the zeitgeist of the campus.


First and foremost, I wish to clarify that, regardless of what some might attempt to claim, it is absurd to believe that Mr. Tabatabainejad was targeted based on his race or ethnicity. Random ID card checks are standard procedure in Powell Library after 11 PM, to ensure the safety of students. Furthermore, these checks were performed by Community Service Officers (CSOs), not UCPD officers. CSOs are UCLA students hired by UCPD to aide in security and service activities, and to support UCPD. Thus, Mr. Tabatabainejad was the subject of a very ordinary, very standard ID card check by his own, fellow students. He failed to produce an ID, so the CSOs requested he leave (as they would of anyone without an ID). Of course, the situation deteriorated from there and the chain of events from there is detailed (albeit in a rather biased manner) by the Daily Bruin.

It appear to me that the facts of this case speak for themselves in justifying the UCPD’s actions. In any case, I simply wished to stress that it is wholly fallacious to claim the Mr. Tabatabainejad was the target of racism or some kind of profiling.

The attitude towards the incident on campus is frankly difficult to judge. Clearly, my evaluation of the situation is somewhat biased, simply because I am a conservative Republican, and a large portion of my friends are as well. However, I believe that a substantial minority of students believe that the UCPD acted justly and that Mr. Tabatabainejad was so utterly unreasonable, and frankly dangerous, that the use of a Tazer was fully justified. Many of the students I have spoken to follow this line of reasoning and frankly have similar sentiments, in regards to supporting the UCPD officers.

Regrettably, we have a decided liberal bent here at UCLA, as most colleges nowadays do. This accompanies popular and common anti-authority beliefs which, in some of the more extreme cases, manifests as a bizarre anti-police attitude. Thankfully, these more extremist beliefs are not as commonly held as one might think, and there has not been a violently anti-authority reaction to the incident on campus. Nonetheless, a large portion of students (likely a majority) believes that the officers acted with “unreasonable or disproportionate force,” and I have already seen posters and ads for civil rights protests and other associated anti-police nonsense (I’m frankly unsure which civil rights they plan to protest in support of. The right to resist arrest, perhaps?).

In any case, although a majority of students appear on the face of things to support Mr. Tabatabainejad, I do want the word to get out that most of these students are not frothing lunatic anarchists (though we certainly do have a few of those). Moreover, I want you and your readers to know that there is a very good sized minority of students here at UCLA who support the police in these matters and who support the rule of law. Despite the best efforts of a few of our professors, we’re not all ultra-liberals here in college.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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