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Michael J. Fox has gotten all of the attention, but the entertainment industry is trying to sway the elections in many other ways on the ground and on the airwaves.

Eco-activist Robert Redford is pushing Prop. 87 in California–a $4 billion oil tax increase in the name of environmental do-goodism. The initiative is funded by Hollywood producer Stephen Bing and supported by Julia Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, James Caan and Ben Affleck.

On Thursday, HBO will air a documentary called “Hacking Democracy” that lionizes leading election conspiracy theorist Bev Harris of Black Box voting fame.

On Sunday, Fox is set to air an episode of “The Simpsons” sharply critical of the war in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the desperate Dixie Chicks are on the attack against conservative Internet users of the Free Republic.

Will Cameron Diaz do a repeat on Oprah this year about how, like, rape could be legalized if we don’t make the right voting choices?

Stay tuned…

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