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Military Musical Double Standard
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The witch hunt against the Marine who performed “Hadji Girl” continues. Military lawyers are scouring their books for a reason to punish Cpl. Joshua Belile:

Marine Corps officials said on Wednesday their preliminary inquiry will focus on whether Belile broke military law or rules in writing and singing a song with offensive lyrics to an audience of other troops. Another concern, they said, was maintaining “good order and discipline” in the ranks.

The Marines have called the song “clearly inappropriate.”

“I cannot say if there is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice or the law of armed conflict. Lawyers have looked at it and they’re kind of scratching their heads, which is why we’re doing this preliminary inquiry,” said Lt. Col. Scott Fazekas, a U.S. Marine Corps spokesman at the Pentagon.

Maj. Shawn Haney, spokeswoman at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina, said the preliminary inquiry is expected to last a couple of days. The military will then decide whether to move to a more formal investigation that potentially could lead to discipline.

Look at this “fair and balanced” headline from our “friends” at the London Times:


Your mandatory Andrew Sullivan hyperventilation is here. (Note that Sullivan misquotes the lyrics and claims that Cpl. Belile sings about blowing up “little girls.” Wrong. See below. 1036pm EDT update: Sullivan has now crossed out “girls” in his quotation of the lyrics, but still asserts that Cpl. Belile was bragging about killing “two unarmed little girls” instead of the Iraqi woman’s armed brother and father. There aren’t “two unarmed little girls” in the song.)

LGF and Allah keep you updated.

Before I post the full lyrics of “Hadji Girl,” there’s a point about the military musical double standards at play here that no one in the MSM has acknowledged. The apparent crackdown on Cpl. Joshua Belile over his fictitious song blowing off steam jogged my memory about another set of soldiers who made headlines for their war music. Last June, a group of soldiers won lavish praise from the MSM for their rap albums. See here. And here. And here. These soldiers were heralded for their raw, fresh, candid portrayals of war. The 4th 25th garnered positive reviews from critics. Here are the lyrics to one of their songs:



I hear is momma cryin

But I still scream fuckem

Unload my magazine on this buster

That’s how I say fuckem

You know we don’t trust em

Let them all lie dead in a dirt bed

With a bullet in his head

Rest in peace to all my soldiers

Got a lot on my head

Now turn the combinations

To release my thoughts

Im fed up with all this

Save the word talk

Right heres were the fuckem starts

And the piece stops


If he aint got no food


If he aint got no shoes

Cause I

Got everything to live for

He got nothing to lose… fuckem

I know my thoughts are not fair

But im fighting for my country

And I, wonder sometimes

If my country even cares

But fuckem

If he pull that trigger once

Man he’ll do it again

So when he ran out a bullets put the weapon down

He must a thought the violence was gon end


Killem alls what my heart say

So my finger gladly replies

With a 5.56, or a 7.62

Right between his eyes fuckem

5 to 55 (what) my bullets don’t discriminate

so if you think that im wrong

get me outta here

you can gladly take my place fuckem


this is war round here

when we see um fuckem

everybody on the streets

when we see um fuckem

they callin cease fires

but they keep firin fuckem

I got no love for them

Pussy niggaz here fuckem

They trying to see us all dead over here fuckem

But I aint trying to get bled over here fuckem

They even look like they bout to do something

Lay em down put 50 rounds in they stomach fuckem


Started off kinda professional

But now this shit is personal

Niggaz learn when red crosses

And sirens come to they rescue

And its always getting serious

When hot barrels get pointed at you

Don’t give a fuck about yalls lives

Now that im guarding mine more careful

Treat everyday just the like the first day

Examples can be made out you

And any day could be your last day

And experience wont help you

And I’ll be damned if im scared

Cause me runnin is not an issue

And just think

Somebody at the crib might miss you

Wish your wife and children

Wishin For you stepped they woulda kissed you

When all that be said is daddy died

Bein a damn fool

If you got nothing to lose

Take a chance when convoys ride thru

50 cals and 240’s

like 360’s and quarter miles dude

and its, always getting serious

just thought I would remind you

niggaz thought process delirious

not chancing what the next might do

and I still don’t think yall hearin

even though yall should find time to

you can love us and never hate us

and that’s the bottom line dude


just puttem on the same block with me

im poppin off till all 7

of these magazines is empty

no, they will not get me

though they’ve come close to hittin me

so far they missed me

only managed to piss me off

now I react more quickly

and I will never lay down

nor will anybody with me

keep my boots laced up

tighter than fuck… lets go

till we dead in the street

or its time to come home

yeah we don held down the block

4 mofuckers strong

and we don popped off a few times

new we was dead wrong

wish they’d let god judgem

cause my judgement is off

and though I try not to playem

they hand me his role

so in his image I judgem

fuckem they got to go

no I aint trying to be they jury

but this is all they’ll give me

so in return all I can givem

is a verdict of guilty

and carry out they sentence of death

for they kill me they self

they trying to dance with the devil

but I only dance by myself… fuckem



Unless I’m mistaken, there has been no uproar over the rappers’ lyrics. No investigation. No apology. No condemnation. In fact, they received promotional help like this: “The sound may be raw, but the lyrics tell a story from Iraq that you don’t often hear—from the soldiers on the streets.” And nice BBC profiles like this:


Now compare: Here are the lyrics of “Hadji Girl” that have the Marine brass bowing and scraping to CAIR (thanks to Jim and Jason and several other readers)…

Hadji Girl

I was out in the sands of Iraq

And we were under attack

And I, well, I didn’t know where to go.

And the first think I could see was

Everybody’s favorite Burger King

So I threw open the door and I hit the floor.

Then suddenly to my surprise

I looked up and I saw her eyes

And I knew it was love at first sight.

And she said

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad

Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah

Hadji girl I can’t understand what you’re saying.

And she said

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad

Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah

Hadji girl I love you anyway.

Then she said that she wanted me to see.

She wanted me to meet her family

But I, well, I couldn’t figure out how to say no.

Cause I don’t speak Arabic.

So, she took me down an old dirt trail.

And she pulled up to a side shanty

And she threw open the door and I hit the floor.

Cause her brother and her father shouted

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad

Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah

They pulled out their AKs so I could see

And they said

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad

Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah

So I grabbed her little sister and pulled her in front of me.

As the bullets began to fly

The blood sprayed from between her eyes

And then I laughed maniacally

Then I hid behind the TV

And I locked and loaded my M-16

And I blew those little f***ers to eternity.

And I said

Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad

Sherpa Sherpa Bak Allah

They should have known they were f***ing with a Marine

Cpl. Belile is being railroaded. The MSM dupes are playing into CAIR’s hands. And p.c. military leaders are rolling over.

Support Belile and the Sweater Kittenz here. If you are a talent agent and want to support the troops, go contact them now.

Like Jim at Blackfive, I’m disgusted. (And no, I am not “disgusted” by “anyone in any way being offended.” I am disgusted by you CAIR dupes and Haditha hyperventilators trying to run a Marine with a guitar out of the military.) Here’s his letter to a USMC official:


Dear Maj. Chapin,

I am concerned by the reaction of the USMC to the clearly humorous video Hadji Girl by CPL Belle. I wonder if anyone there bothered to watch and listen to the lyrics, I don’t think so because they hardly match the lies spread in the media and by CAIR which you appear to have swallowed whole. They are available here and clearly demonstrate none of the reprehensible sentiments claimed. And yet we get this:

“Corps officials responded to the group’s concerns and contacted administrators of the Web site on which it had been anonymously posted to ask that it be removed.”

I am curious why the Marine Corps would ask that any video be removed from a private website. I am curious why the Marine Corps would spend tax dollars harassing a private group about a private individual’s exercise of freedom of speech. I am disgusted by your statement here.

“The video … is clearly inappropriate and contrary to the high standards expected of all Marines,” said Marine Maj. Gabrielle Chapin in a prepared statement. “The video is not reflective of the tremendous sacrifices and dedication demonstrated, on a daily basis, by tens of thousands of Marines who have assisted the Iraqi people in gaining their freedom.”

Are you concerned with his vocal ability, or his guitar playing skills, or his songwriting? I didn’t know the Marine Corps kept track of what troops do in their off time and much less that you graded them on it. The video is reflective of the idea enshrined in the Bill of Rights, that speech is free. I assume you can locate a copy of the document, and perhaps you might spend some time reading it rather than embarrassing the Corps and America by caving in to the jihadi apologists at CAIR.

If the freedoms military folks are fighting and dying to provide for the Iraqis and Afghanis are not available to our own troops then why should they risk their lives? This is a sorry day for the Corps and you owe CPL Belle, all Marines and the US people an explanation as to why the USMC has seen fit to revoke freedom of speech for it’s members.

I am a former US Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant and have worked in many countries where building rapport with the local populace was vital to the success of our operations. I realize that a satire like this can, and obviously has been, misinterpreted, and that it may be used by those opposed to our efforts in Iraq, and even harm our relations with some Iraqis. Tough crap Major, deal with it, and not by forgetting that the most basic protections of freedom apply to all of us, even if they hurt the delicate feelings of all the chair-warming appeasers in DC or anyone else’s.


Jim Hanson

I repeat LGF’s question again: What is wrong with Marine brass?

Update: John Gibson scolds CAIR via Johnny Dollar.



The Camp Pendleton 8

CAIR’s Haditha publicity grab

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