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"Zarqawi Has Been Killed" (Viedo Added)
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***scroll for updates…video of Iraqi PM announcement added…oil prices drop after announcement…the Kos crazies are at it already…scars and fingerprints used to identify Zarqawi body…dancing in the streetsBush transcript…official CENTCOM press release…the Left acts like the Left…MSM spinsNick Berg’s dad bashes Bush…Berg audio hereTask Force 145/Bill Roggio told you…1015am White House briefing coming up…Snow: “We have been crushing the opposition, but what happens is the opposition has been controlling the airwaves…as long as terrorists have isolated acts of violence that capture attention, they win…Zarqawi operation was not just a one-off operation…one of 17…Iraqis are cooperating…No one expects a snap change”…airstrike video at CENTCOM (14 KB .wmv file)…CENTCOM server overwhelmed…we’ve got the video over at Hot Air***


Here he is. (Hat tip: Confederate Yankee)


Before clean-up. (Hat tip: Allah)


At last (graphic now up at


Click to download video of announcement/applause. (WMV file.)


The scene of Zarqawi’s elimination (Hat tip: Allah)


3:20 EDT: Ok, I think this is the 56th time this has been reported. But late night news bulletins are coming in about Zarqawi being killed in Iraq. Will update as info comes in.

Readers send word that ABC News reported the story early this morning. F/R thread here. Bloggers Freedom Folks and Mark Moore hearing the reports as well. is headlining, but no story yet:


330am EDT update. CNN Jamie McInytre in Iraq reports that military officials need “additional forensics” to confirm. Two Pentagon sources tell him they “believe” Zarqawi is dead.

Iraqi PM announcement expected.

First wire report:

Associated Press

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was expected to make an important announcement at a news conference in Baghdad on Thursday amid a report that al-Qaida in Iraq chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi may have been killed, his adviser said.

Al-Maliki adviser Adnan al-Kazimi told The Associated Press there was a report that al-Zarqawi may have been killed late Wednesday in Baghdad. He said he could not confirm the report.

He said al-Maliki was scheduled to shortly give a news conference along with the top U.S. general in Iraq, Gen. George Casey.

MSNBC now has story up:

Al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed overnight in an operation by U.S. Special Operations Forces, U.S. military officials told NBC News on Thursday.

ABC News reported that he was killed in a U.S. air attack on a house in Baghdad.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was expected to make an important announcement at a news conference in Baghdad on Thursday, one of his advisers said.

3:43 am EDT. News conference is being broadcast. Iraqi PM Nuri Al-Maliki announces:

“Zarqawi has been killed.”

Applause breaks out.

US ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalizad:

“The death of Abu Musab al Zarqawi marks a great success for Iraq and the global War on Terror. We’d like to congratulate Gen. Casey, who has been here now for 700 days.

Gen. Casey: Full briefing at 3pm Iraq time to give full operational details. Hard to hear through the translation, but Gen. Casey mentioned an airstrike and Iraqi police being first on the scene.

Oak Leaf at Polipundit:

{So we now know that he was killed in a house north of Baghdad with seven associates, that were probably valued targets. The operation was run by US Special Operations Command involving air (rotary/fixed wing) and ground forces.}


The rundown at 430am EDT:

Pajamas Media * Counterterrorism Blog * ABCNews * Reuters * CNN * AP

Iraqi blogger Omar at Iraq the Model rejoices.

Pajamas podcast with Omar here.

950am update: Video of Bush announcement here.

Andy McCarthy:

Hopefully, Zarqawi’s demise is a clarifying event in the United States—for the administration, the Congress, and—hope against hope—the media. This was the real American military in action, in all its effectiveness, doing what the American people sent it to do despite often impossibly difficult circumstances: namely, eliminate nondescript terrorists who strike in stealth then weave themselves back into the civilian population.

It is a mission our brave men and women—again, the real American military—perform brilliantly, day in and day out, despite lethal danger to themselves and immense pressure to perform flawlessly. Yet, what we hear about back home is Abu Ghraib. What we hear about is Haditha—as to which the anti-war champion of the current fifteen minutes, Congressman Jack Murtha, is poised to accord our Marines a lot less due process than he and other members are extending to their radioactive colleague, Rep. William Jefferson.

What we might want to remember from time to time is that ever since we unleashed our forces, no American city has had to bury thousands of its dead or gaze upon barren craters where skyscrapers once stood.


Let’s further pray that the administration heeds what is sure to be the very strong public approval of Zarqawi’s killing, apparently along with other terrorists, notwithstanding that it came in an air strike—i.e., an attack of the kind which always carries the risk of collateral casualties.

No one wants to see innocents harmed. But we are at war—something often noted but never quite remembered. Innocents are in peril, both here and in Iraq (and elsewhere) as long as jihadists thrive.

Austin Bay takes on the Kos-spiracists.

10:23 EDT update.

Tony Snow is recounting how National Security advisor Stephen Hadley, Rumsfeld, and President Bush, etc., were apprised of the news. When Bush told of strike and possible death of Zarqawi:

“That would be a good thing.”

Snow continues: “This morning upon reaching Oval Office…645am…Bush spoke with Tony Blair…7am: spoke with Iraqi PM for 25 minutes…”

11am EDT update: Coverage continues here.



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