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Seattle's KING 5 TV nabbed a must-see interview with one of the Marines injured at Haditha on Nov. 19. (Big hat tip noted below to Red Hot Cuppa Politics.) The Marine is Lance Cpl. James Crossan, who rode in the passenger seat of the Humvee that was struck by an IED. The driver was Lance... Read More
Bill Roggio of The Counterterrorism Blog is there, reporting on the riot aftermath: The violence was not Taliban-inspired, but composed mainly of Hazaris. The Haziris are an ethnic group that fought the Taliban under the banner of the Northern Alliance and followers of Ahmad Shah Masood , who was killed by al-Qaeda two days prior... Read More
And it's taxpayer-funded.
The saga continues.
Video overview. My column today, What we know and don't know, concludes: Or rather, death. I linked to Dan Riehl's post the other day on life for the Marines in Haditha. It's worth revisiting. I'm posting some of the photos Dan linked to from the Marine Corps site here:
The New Old York Times discovers the month-old Send-A-Brick project! (Have you sent yours yet?) Prediction: Next, the Behind-The-Times will break the "news" of the month-old toilet brush campaign in L.A.
***update: the school backs down! Michael Graham reports: "As I'm about to report exclusively on my show in 20 minutes, King Philip High has backed down under pressure from angry supporters of the US military. They're going to allow representatives of West Point and the ROTC at graduation on Sunday (not tonight's awards event, alas)... Read More
Hot Air affiliate Ian Schwartz has a video tribute to the departing Today Show star. Fly away! NBC is making the most of it:
If you know Philadelphia, you know Geno's. Best cheesesteaks in the world. Reader Willie S. sends word via the Philly Inquirer that Joey Vento, the grandson of Italian-born immigrants who owns Geno's, is taking a stand for assimilation and against illegal immigration. The Inquirer does its best to knock down Vento, but his blunt Philly... Read More
The beverage-spew-inducing line of the day goes to Al Gore for calling pro-illegal alien amnesty, Harriet Miers for Supreme Court-nominating, Medicare entitlement-expanding President Bush a "renegade right-wing extremist." Sides. Splitting. Oh. Oh. Ouch. Help. Kathryn Lopez: If only! Freepers: Rolling on the floor. "Gore says he's 'carbon neutral' - Doesn't hot air count?
Scheduled to appear on The O'Reilly Factor at around 8:20pm-ish EDT. Update: Welcome to my blog, O'Reilly viewers! Here's an editorial from The Argus on San Francisco's idiotic attempt to boot J-ROTC from the public high schools. Thomas Sowell has written often on San Francisco liberalism. Start here. Cinammon Stilwell had an excellent overview of... Read More
The verdict. The background the rest of the MSM won't mention.
Pepper-sprayed at the Port of Olympia. Jim Hoft has video and pictures.
Our preview of the star-studded nutroots convention. New York Times Magazine writer Matt Bai, who will serve on a panel at the confab, hails the Kossification of the Democrat Party.
On May 18th, I was one of many bloggers on the Right to condemn Democrat Rep. John Murtha for blabbing about the still-not-complete investigation of alleged war atrocities by Marines at Haditha. (Formal findings are not expected for several weeks.) Since Murtha's widely broadcast accusations of Marines killing civilians "in cold blood," at least one... Read More
That's what the president of the National Border Patrol Council calls the Senate immigration bill. Sounds right to me. Diana West dubs it the "Dissolve America Now bill:" The bill's crazy provisions for allowing 66 million new legal immigrants into the United States by 2026 (twice the population of Canada) aside, the Senate bill grants... Read More
The Wall Street Journal editorial page gets all huffy about the FBI raid of Democrat Rep. William Jefferson's Capitol Hill office. The WSJ board thinks law enforcement officials should have "negotiate(d) the parameters of such a search with House leaders" instead of obtaining a judicial warrant. The "Speech and Debate Clause" of the Constitution, in... Read More
The National Moment of Remembrance takes place at 3pm local time today for one minute. Our minute-long tribute over at Hot Air is here. La Shawn Barber shares reflections. Castle Argghhh! has a three-part Memorial Day series. Start here. Take time to read the Mudville Gazette and Milblogs, where Wynton Hall issues a challenge: Op-For... Read More
The Minutemen began a fence-building project in Arizona today--and they didn't ask Mexico's permission. Chris Simcox issued a statement announcing the construction project now underway: Chris Simcox, President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (“MCDC”), today announced plans by the MCDC to work with local Arizona land owners to build border security fencing on private... Read More
Everyone, take a deep breath: (Hat tip: reader Rich)
Austin Bay liveblogs the president's speech on the "long war:" WaPo coverage: The U.S. will take the fight against terrorism to every shore and outpost in pursuit of enemies like none before, not relenting until their defeat and showing the same resolve that won the Cold War, President Bush told West Point graduates Saturday. "America... Read More
***update: Mary Katherine Ham follows up with retired Brig. Gen. David H. Brahms, a long-time lawyer with the Marine Corps, who says his remarks about Haditha were taken out of context by the Washington Post...*** Last week, Rep. John Murtha blabbed about the military's not-yet-complete investigation into alleged atrocities by Marines in Haditha, Iraq. I... Read More
***update: McQ says he has a copy of Macbeth’s real Form DD-214...more updates at Hot Air...*** Allah Pundit posts a new document that raises more questions than it answers. Check it out. If you have any expertise with Army discharge forms, take a look and give us a holler. *** Smash analyzes. John Noonan at... Read More
Illegal immigrants hop the border fences and head for the storm drains on their "path to citizenship:" Armando Reyes climbed over the border fence and prepared for the dash into San Diego. But his smuggler instead led him and four other migrants through a patch of reeds to a stinky drainage pipe, and ordered them... Read More
Gore, Gywneth, and Gulfstream liberals.
***530pm EDT: It was construction noise!?...Rep. Jim Sexton has bad ears....*** Big Drudge headlines...Fox reporting...Allah's been all over it...Breitbart/AP coverage... 11:31 AM EDT ...Fox News Major Garrett is still locked in the Capitol Hill cafeteria. A gurney being brought into the Rayburn building? Noon press conference scheduled. 12noon. First possible witness report...Jim Angle reporting that... Read More
Lorie Byrd, blogging over at her new digs at Wizbang, is collecting Memorial Day tributes. Lorie links to the song, "Arlington," which reminded me of this poignant photo from last Christmas: *** A military chaplain writes about one of his toughest duties--following a script that begins "Ma'am, We Regret to Inform You." CSM looks at... Read More
Our friends at Protest Warrior send word that the anti-war punk who gained illegal access to the ProtestWarrior server, stealing thousands of credit card numbers in order to commit massive credit card fraud, has been indicted. PW has posted the indictment docs and will be posting more, including: Glad to see the law catch up... Read More
John Mellencamp? Sammy Hagar? Kid Rock? The Who? Yup, they're all on National Review's list. Take a look--and bring your iPod.
Does the Senate immigration bill essentially give Mexico veto power over our border fences? Hearing this from several readers and sources. Reader Greg writes: From F/R thread: I'm checking into it. If anyone has more specific info, please send along. Update: It's Dem Sen. Chris Dodd's amendment included in Specter's manager's package that passed. The... Read More
Vote was 62-36. Here's the lowdown. Any hope now rests with the House. Start here. *** News coverage: Bloomberg... The Senate's 62-36 vote sets up a clash with the House, which in December approved legislation that emphasized strengthening barriers at the U.S.-Mexico border and didn't account for guest workers or undocumented immigrants. The congressional debate... Read More
A trash magazine steals milblogger/war journalist extraordinaire Michael Yon's poignant photo of Maj. Mark Bieger in Iraq. Blackfive has details of whom to lean on. Do it now. *** Show your support. Buy Michael's photo here.
If I were on the Senate floor, that's what I would have done this afternoon when Sen. McCain shamelessly compared advocates of an amendment that would bar amnestied guest workers from the earned income tax credit to...racists during the Jim Crow era. Sen. Jeff Sessions explained the rationale for his amendment earlier this week: I... Read More
William Jefferson, Dennis Hastert, assphants, cluebats: Thwap. Update: Bush orders Jefferson documents sealed. Un-freaking-believable. Glenn Reynolds asks:
An extraordinary exchange just took place on the Senate floor over the last 40 minutes. It's the most important debate of the year, in my opinion. The questions are these: Who do we let into this country and how many? On one side of the debate: Democrat Sen. Jeff Bingaman of N.M. and Republican Sen.... Read More
For most people, the Beltway-area sniper case is a distant memory. Over and done. But in Montgomery County, Md., the pain and suffering caused by convicted killing spree murderers Lee Malvo and John Muhammad is as fresh and raw as it was three years ago when the pair terrorized the area--leaving 10 dead and three... Read More
***scroll for updates, questions for ABC...Dan Riehl says ABC's story is four months' old...*** ABC News's Blotter blog reports: But House staffer Krista Cole e-mails the following statement from the DOJ: Instapundit also got that e-mail and writes: Perhaps the bizarre bipartisan reaction to the [Rep. William] Jefferson search -- and the lack of cooperation... Read More
John Kerry + Jesse MacBeth = (Photoshop credit: Hot Air affiliate Sanctuary) Yikes! Vent spotlights the lies of Jesse MacBeth (featuring disgraceful clips from the MacBeth video that has been yanked from the Peace Films website). My syndicated column today covers blogs vs. anti-war frauds. Iowahawk brings the funny. Jesse MacBeth on MySpace? McQ at... Read More
***scroll for updates...958am EDT: Senate voting on whether to kill the McConnell amendment to the immig bill, which would require voting identification (hat tip: Nighthaven)...motion to table is not agreed to...1000am EDT: Here we go on cloture vote...clerk will call the roll...1020am cloture motion passes; Allah fills in details...Meese blogger conference call: "There are a... Read More
Mary Katherine Ham compares their treatment.
Hot Air affiliate Flip Pidot of Suitably Flip, inspired by the Rep. William Jefferson case, has the photoshop of the day: *** Meanwhile, Roger L. Simon notes Newt Gingrich's tin ear. Denny Hastert's got it, too. Glenn Reynolds has more. *** Previous: Foiled again!
The Iraq Veterans Against the War bail on Jessie/Jesse MacBeth (hat tip: Nighthaven): MacBeth last appeared with IVAW members on May 17th: Halliburton On The Run! Teach In / Press event WED, MAY 17TH, 2006 5:30pm-7:00pm Mayflower Congregational Church 3901 NW 63rd Street Oklahoma City, OK 73116 (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) Event to present &... Read More
My Vent. Thanks to Marc Morano and for use of their excellent video coverage of the D.C. premiere of Hoot. Debbie Schlussel's take.
***scroll for updates...Just Citizens blog reports that Army has no record of service from Jesse/Jessie MacBeth...more below...(hat tip: LGF )...12noon update: I just talked to the Army spokesman as well. Paul Boyce told me: "At a minimum, this appears to have been concocted" and "some sort of hoax." Special Ops Command and State Department have... Read More
What is wrong with these people? AP: After violent riots over an offensive cartoon officials in Tehran detained the cartoonist and chief editor of an Iranian newspaper, charged them and took them to Evin prison.
Compare and contrast... In Dallas, a school district strikes the words "In God We Trust" from the photo of an enlarged nickel on a yearbook cover for fear of offending students of differing religions. In California, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (the one that outlawed the Pledge of Allegiance for its reference to God)... Read More
Watch: The air marshals mess, the Captain Queeg of homeland security, and my stewardess imitation. I'm sifting through the draft House Judiciary Committee report on the safety threats to air marshals. It's scheduled to be considered for adoption by the panel on Thursday. Mainstream outlets covered the gist of the report on Friday, but several... Read More
In the Stamford, Conn., school district. Why? Mostly, it seems, because school officials and parents didn't want the inconvenience of an extra school day in June. I'm not so crazy about all the days kids get off from school anyway, but the veterans have a good point in response to school officials who disingenuously argue... Read More
So much for the Dems' attack on the GOP culture of corruption. Now, they've got to contend with Democrat Rep. William Jefferson reportedly caught on tape accepting bribes in cold, hard cash. Emphasize on cold: A congressman under investigation for bribery was caught on videotape accepting $100,000 in $100 bills from an FBI informant whose... Read More
I don't know how many times I've pointed out that amnesty for illegal aliens = amnesty for their employers. The Washington Times spells it out today in "Senate bill protects employers of illegal aliens from penalties"--and the Orwellian open-borders double-speakers huff and buff and try to bluff: Among those who will be cleared of past... Read More
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.
Are elite university admissions based on meritocracy and diversity as claimed?
Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings