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Another Cyberattack on Blogs
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The Internet Jihad has taken a turn for the worse. Hosting Matters blogs are down again. ***update: 1025pm EDT…back up for now***

I hope that federal law enforcement officials and counterterrorism agents are on the case.

This is a serious criminal attack on the blogosphere, free speech, and Internet commerce.


1105pm EDT update from blogger Jeff Quinton:

My blog was affected by the attacks this morning. It was also affected by round two of attacks tonight that were mainly impacting things between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. EDT.

A post by Annette of HM on one of their support forums indicated:

We are seeing another round of attacks after changing the IPs on the target server. This is an indication that the target from earlier either was not the primary target or was a byproduct of the original attack and identified as the primary target.

Reader C.A.M. sends a relevant BBC News article that ran today:

Simple attacks could let malicious hackers take over more than one-third of the net’s sites, reveals research.

The finding was uncovered by researchers who analysed how the net’s addressing system works.

They also found that if the simple attacks were combined with so-called denial-of-service attacks, 85% of the net becomes vulnerable to take-over…



Blogs down: hack attack (this is where I’m keeping a running list of blogs who were/are affected)

The Islamists’ war on the Internet

Jihad in cyberspace

Internet jihad continues

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