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The Antidote to the New York Times
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Good morning read: Howard Kurtz’s very fair, very thorough profile of Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume. Last line:

“Am I going to be able to get devoted readers of the New York Times to watch Fox News? Maybe, but it would be heavy lifting,” he says. “We are in some respects the antidote.”


Speaking of the NYTimes, a reader e-mails:

The NYT editorial page today is even by their standards abnormally


It includes:

An editorial claiming the US foreign policy is biased in favor of Israel

to the detriment of the US

An editorial stating they would rather have a nuclear Iran than another

war led by Rumsfeld

Six letters to the editor lambasting Bush on Iraq and warning of a

similar debacle in Iran

Not included: any opposing view point.

All the better for Special Report!

And from The Street, investors continue to be unhappy with NYT management:

Morgan Stanley Investment Management said Tuesday it withheld votes for the Times’ director nominees because it believes the company’s board and management have become unaccountable to shareholders.

The firm, which says it owns more than 5% of the Times’ Class A stock, called for the elimination of the dual-stock structure that leaves control of the board with minority shareholders led by the founding Sulzberger family. The Times and a number of other big media outfits have left voting control in the hands of founders, under the rationale that long-term owners look after the long-term interests of the business rather than chasing short-term profit. But Morgan Stanley said the company has failed to keep up its end of the bargain…

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