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Hangin' with the Moonbats
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Lunchtime viewing: Bryan Preston has posted “The Dud,” a short video of our encounters with the fizzling anti-war protesters in Washington, D.C., yesterday. A few stills…


Cindy Sheehan: “The enemy is our government.” Background.


How’s that sandwich?

Age of Hooper has more video.


Carlos Santana and Sharon Stone are singing the moonbat blues.

While we’re on moonbats, here’s another fresh, piping hot video…Helen Thomas vs. President Bush.


Meanwhile, a special correspondent for attended the anti-war concert in NYC last night, and sends along these pics and comments:

Steve Earle, who looks like Billy Bob Thornton if Billy Bob really let himself go, kicked things off with his crowd-pleaser “F the FCC”.


Next came Margaret Cho, who isn’t a comedian so much as an activist whose audience happens to express its agreement with her politics by laughing instead of clapping. [Paraphrasing]…


…Cho on federalism: “Bush is pandering by allowing abortion in South Dakota.”

Cho on Brokeback Mountain: (paraphrasing) “Brokeback Mountain makes Christians so mad they could spit. Christians have to learn to swallow it, swallow it! If you spit, you taste it twice…”

…Next was Fischerspooner, which seems to be some sort of techno Vegas act. Lots of eye makeup, costumes, dancers onstage — sort of a throwback to David Bowie. They did a few songs, the highlight of which was one of their dancers pantomiming being shot and having fake blood squirt out of his chest and mouth.


After Fischerspooner, out came Susan Sarandon to introduce Mama Moonbat.


Cindy came out to thunderous applause, grinning ear to ear, her arms triumphantly in the air:


…[S]he began with the same old same old by insisting that Bush “lied” to us about Saddam’s WMDs. Then things got interesting: she acknowledged that 9/11 was a “criminal act,” and said we should have treated it like a criminal act and not gone and invaded “two innocent countries.” Which is a pretty radical way, even for her crowd, to describe Afghanistan under the Taliban. She said Bush’s motto has become, “We have to kill more people because I’ve already killed so many.” Then she said that a certain right-wing journalist “from Fox News” (loud boos) had asked her earlier that day about Casey’s tombstone, and that she had two responses to that: (a) it’s none of your business, and (b) there are people lying in swamps in America’s gulf states (because of Katrina) who will never have tombstones, there are people who died on 9/11 who will never have tombstones — “all because of George Bush.”

I nearly dropped the camera when she said that.

…[S]he said she doesn’t sing, she doesn’t dance, she doesn’t juggle, BUT: “I am a rock star.” And to prove what a rock star she is, she got the crowd to chant along to the following:

Violence and occupation

Do not bring liberation

That’s bullshit

Get off it

This war is for profit

…Next up was Peaches [after a performance by Moby], who was noteworthy in several ways…She was trying to look sexy, but her outfit reminded me of those women who jump out of cakes at birthday parties.


Second, she co-hosted the meet and greet before the event with Cindy Sheehan. Yeah. Not Stipe, not Steve Earle — Peaches. If you’re wondering why that should seem so odd, take a gander at the lyrics of one of the two songs she sang. She did a little impromptu rewriting during the song [substituting “war” for “pain.”] Which was about as complex a political sentiment as was floated all night.

…The one other thing about Peaches worth noting? The crowd loved her. She brought down the house.

After her songs she introduced Chuck D, formerly of Public Enemy, currently of Air America.


The crowd braced itself for a furious performance of Chuck’s signature tune, “Fight the Power,” but no performance was forthcoming. Instead, he started off by noting that only 18% of Americans have passports and then urged everyone to go down to the post office and apply for a passport because the flood of applications would probably alarm Homeland Security and confuse people “at the top.” As if DHS didn’t have enough to deal with, now they have this turd encouraging people to create red herrings for them. As for the $120 passport fee, Chuck said that wasn’t that much, especially if you were willing to forego some other luxury purchase like “spinning rims.” Then he called Bush the “village idiot” and plugged Air America. So in short, to “fight the power” in 2006 is to go down to the post office and apply for a passport that you don’t need. Clenched-fist salute, Chuck!

Last act was the disembodied skull known as Michael Stipe, who talked about how his father had served in the military under three presidents and his grandfather had served in WWII, and how he remembers signing up for the draft when he came of age. He said he was “so proud of the veterans of this country.”


Then the music started. Everyone was waiting for him to do “Everybody Hurts,” but instead he played two slow, boring, crappy songs no one had ever heard of. You could feel the oxygen leave the room from the buzzkill. He introduced the last song with a quote from Dante about how the darkest place in hell is reserved for people who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. To which all I can say is: one can only hope. Then he did *another* slow, boring, crappy song no one had ever heard of.

The night ended with all the performers and speakers being invited back on stage to wave.


The freaks come out at night.


Karol at Alarming News, who also attended the concert, has much more.

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