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Twin Brother, Part ii
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Josh Marshall has published a high school yearbook photo of Claude Allen, and his twin brother, Floyd.


The oh-so-compassionate Left is snickering at the possibility that Floyd Allen may have been responsible for the crimes with which Claude Allen has now been charged.

See here, here, here, here, and here.

I don’t see why this is funny. If it turns out that Claude Allen, a father of three who reportedly has bailed out his troubled twin brother before, tried to protect Floyd Allen and ruined his career out of familial love, that is an extraordinary thing.

Tell me again why this is funny.


Here’s an NPR interview with Michele Norris and Washington Post reporter Michael Fletcher, which contains the following exchange:

Norris: We should note something, Michael. Apparently Claude Allen has a twin brother?

Fletcher: Yes, he does. He has an identical twin brother who even close friends can’t tell them apart when they see them. And people have seen him and close friends say that Mr. Allen has indicated to them that maybe his brother holds the key to this entire puzzling affair.



He has a twin brother?

The next Beltway brouhaha

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