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Sgt. 1st Class Chad Gonsalves, killed in action in Afghanistan last week. Married, father of 3 young boys. Source: Modesto Bee Please read. Say thank you, send prayers, and leave a message for the family at
Here's Hillary Clinton going bananas over school vouchers, via FNC's Hannity and Colmes: Download and watch the video (Windows Media file). Hillary screeches that providing inner-city and poor students with more choice in education will lead to a a "school of the Church of the White Supremacist " and a "School of the Jihad." Transcript:... Read More
Video at Expose the Left. *** James Joyner at OTB: More AP lies in Scalia/AEI story Reader KT e-mails: I was at AEI yesterday and saw Scalia speak and was, I am not sure you could call it heckled and I thought of your book. First, Justice Scalia was excellent, especially on the main issue,... Read More
Via Fox News/AP: Chuck Simmins is tracking the story. *** Related... Via Forbes this week: Speed is key to saving the lives of people infected with anthrax, a new U.S. study concludes. Researchers at Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System and Stanford University School of Medicine examined 82 cases of co
Source: Yahoo!/AP Via AP: Bill Roggio's analysis: The attempt to
Let's take a closer look at a rose-colored Wall Street Journal editorial on the port deal that is garnering favorable reviews from some of my friends on the right. Sayeth the WSJ: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is the latest Republican to broadcast his "independence" from President Bush on homeland security, yesterday joining Senator Lindsey... Read More
Via the St. Paul Pioneer Press (hat tip-LGF): As violent protests over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad continue around the world, a St. Paul charter school is quietly negotiating the delicate question of how to teach art to Muslims. Any depiction of God and his prophets is considered offensive under Islam, and disrespectful representations are... Read More
For your viewing entertainment... I mentioned that my friend Bryan Preston of Junkyard Blog and I attended the New Black Panther Party's protest of the Danish embassy in Washington, D.C., over the weekend. Bryan has put together a mini-movie highlighting the unintentionally comical wit and wisdom of NBPP leader Malik Zulu Shabazz. It's called "Takbir!"... Read More
Don't believe the MSM accounts. Check out the Point of Law blog for the real skinny.
***video at Expose the Left*** Via Breitbart/AP: More from Bloomberg News. Bush says it would "send the wrong message" to the UAE if the deal is delayed. What about the message it sends to Americans who are simply asking for greater assurances that the transfer was reviewed thoroughly by officials without conflicts of interest? Allah... Read More
And he's looking for folks to join him at the Danish embassy in D.C.
The Counterterrorism Blog has posted the indictments of three Toledo-area men charged with planning attacks overseas to try to kill U.S. military personnel in Iraq.
Just received via e-mail and posted by Sen. Bill Frist on the VOLPAC blog: More on Frist from Reuters. The real Kiss of Death: Jimmy Carter. Chicago Tribune editorial echoes:
A tipster e-mailed me last night: Here's some background on how the bidding war between Dubai Ports World and the other competitor to buy out British-based P& O's port operations, Singapore’s PSA (the more experienced and established of
This should be front-page news. *** More: Douglas Farah at The Counterterrorism Blog reports: "With the recent hostage-takings by armed militants in the Niger Delta, the disruption of key oil supplies, and the simmering religious tensions in the north where 17 people have been killed and 30 Christian churches burned, Nigeria is again teetering on... Read More
Great designs: Controversy, crap, and confusion.
The White House port sellout is making some very strange bedfellows. First, Hillary and me. And now, on FNC's Big Story with John Gibson, NY Sen. Chuck Schumer embraces Halliburton over the UAE: Download and watch the video (.wmv file) *** FOX News: House GOP Leaders Line Up Against UAE Port Deal *** Previous: Protect... Read More
Another Swedish website shut down for publishing the Mohammed Cartoons. Dhimmitude's march continues. Previous: Censored in Sweden Related: Saudi paper "shut"
***At the suggestion of readers, I am opening up the comments section...have at it!...11:12pmEST comments closed...*** Good: Two GOP governors join rising bipartisan opposition to the White House's secretive port sellout deal with the United Arab Emirates... Two Republican governors on Monday questioned a Bush administration decision allowing an Arab-owned company to operate six major... Read More
***At the suggestion of readers, I'm opening up the comments section here for folks who want to send L.H. a personal message...11:13pmEST comments closed...thanks...*** Danish reader L.H. sounds off about CBS News's blame-the-victim smear attack on Denmark last night on 60 Minutes (video segment available at Expose the Left): Dear Michelle: I have just come... Read More
Austin Bay examines another declassified al Qaeda document.
I'm scheduled to appear on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News Channel at around 4pm EST today. Topic: The Muslim boycott of Danish goods and the Internet-spearheaded Buy Danish campaign. The latest: Danish businesses feel the pain of Muslim boycotts Bahrain retaliates. Boycotting Goods Not Islamic Say Arab Dons Related: Allah Conquers the United Nations... Read More
Ankle Biting Pundits take apart Carter's latest pro-Hamas op-ed. More from Ed Morrissey and Betsy Newmark, who writes: "Every time this man opens his mouth, he convinces me of his feeble understanding of foreign policy and how the world really works."
The New York Post follows up today on the Muslim hack attacks being waged on bloggers and websites that support Denmark and publication of the Mohammed cartoons: Muslim computer-hacker gangs have launched a massive attack on Danish and Western Web sites as part of the mass protests across the Arab world over the publication of... Read More
Don't forget why today's a holiday. Doug Mataconis pays tribute to George Washington at Below the Beltway. Lee Harris has a lovely essay at TCS Daily. Matthew Spalding weighs in on the "indispensable man." The History Channel assembles scientists and experts to reconstruct what Washington looked like.
Johnny Weir, the American ice skater with a crush on the old Soviet empire, failed to medal at the Olympics. On the bright side, it looks like he's got a promising future as an Air America radio host...or Cindy Sheehan's warm-up act. *** Matt at Blackfive points out that American ice skater Sasha Cohen supports... Read More
The Minnesota Democratic Party is up to no good. Power Line has the scoop here, here, and here.
A number of readers overseas have e-mailed that my blog is now inaccessible in the United Arab Emirates. B. writes: One of Tim Worstall's Dubai-based commenters sends a similar report. Was it something I said? *** Update: Debbie Schlussel forwards an e-mail from a UAE-based reader suggesting that the ban was over the Mohammed cartoons... Read More
Why did Russia shut down a newspaper for publishing this cartoon? Robert Mayer at Publius Pundit has the story. Jim Hoft has more.
Over the weekend, I noted coup rumors flying in Manila. This morning, there are reports of a bomb blast at the presidential palace of Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (whose office is downplaying the incident). Bloomberg has the latest:
Click for interactive Google map of Cartoon Jihad demonstrations, riots and deaths: Via Lasting News (hat tip: John Little). *** Previous: Cartoon Jihad: The map
Your weekend Cartoon Jihad photo album (click on thumbnails for full-size images; via Yahoo! News): Pakistan... India... Indonesia... Philippines...
Insane. Unhinged. Scott Johnson: "Deranged sophomoric hysteria." I'll let Alan Simpson, interviewed on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, have the last words: SIMPSON...Dick Cheney has become the hate symbol from the beginning. He was the hate symbol when he was with Halliburton. He was the hate symbol when he came in and the votes... Read More
My friend Bryan Preston of Junkyard Blog and I returned safely from the nutball Danish embassy protest convened by radical black Muslims in D.C. yesterday. We took video and photos and will have more soon. Meantime, here are reports from Conserva-puppies and The Red Hunter. I asked protest organizer Malik Shabazz whether he supported the... Read More
Hope is fading in the Philippine village of Guinsaugon, which was buried by a mudslide this week. Some 1,800 people were killed. A second landslide claimed another 5-10 lives yesterday. The US military is mobilizing to provide relief. More on charitable efforts here. Meantime, Philippine president Gloria Maccapal-Arroyo is in trouble amid a coup alert... Read More
Committed "in the name of the prophet Mohammed:" The bloodshed comes a little more than week after Nigerian MPs burned Danish and Norwegian flags
Flemming Rose, culture editor of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, has an excellent piece defending his decision to commission and publish the Mohammed Cartoons. Childish. Irresponsible. Hate speech. A provocation just for the sake of provocation. A PR stunt. Critics of 12 cartoons of the prophet Muhammad I decided to publish in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten... Read More
Courtesy of clown WaPo reporter/columnist/comedian Dana Milbank: "Half news, half shtick." Yeah. That fits.
I'm headed down to Washington, D.C., this afternoon to cover the New Black Panther Party's protest at the Danish embassy: I'll report back later. Here's some background on the scheduled speakers, who make clear that the Danish cartoons are just a convenient pretext for their hate-filled agenda: Malik Zulu Shabazz. In his own words, according... Read More
Here's a follow-up on the fight to honor Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington of "Black Sheep Squadron" fame at the University of Washington. Renee Fricke, Director of the Annual Giving Programs at the University of Washington Foundation, e-mails: Fabulous idea. Excellent cause. Give what you can. *** More links: Ralph Kinney Bennett at TCS: Men Without... Read More
Not a joke.
Thankfully, nothing burned down at a Muslim demonstration outside the Danish embassy in New York attended by 1,000 angry protesters today. But the signs were still rather unsettling: Hat tip: Shawn Wasson And if someone who knows Arabic can send along a translation of this sign, please do: Thanks to all the readers who sent... Read More
***scroll for updates, blog reax*** Cartoon Jihad continues. Via Breitbart/AP: *New* The Dread Pundit Bluto notes that Quereshi has
Just a sample of letters, blog reax, and news updates coming in on the story that should be headline news... The New York Sun: Newsday: New York Sen. Charles Schumer won new allies in Congress and the media yesterday in his campaign to raise national security concerns about a planned transfer of port operations in... Read More
I'm scheduled to appear on Fox News this afternoon at approx. 12:30pm EST to talk about VP Cheney and the clown media.
***scroll for updates*** Forget about the Cheney accidental shooting. Based on my e-mail and the growing outcry from both sides of the political aisle, this was and is the big story of the week--and it's picking up steam: [LES KINSOLVING]: The government's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States has approved a deal that... Read More
"Gevoelig" means "sensitive" in Dutch. Just watch the very cool animated cartoon here. The artist is Joep Bertrams, who won an award last year for being the best Dutch political cartoonist of 2005. Hat tip: Paul Belien at Brussels Journal.
Let's hope they don't get burned... Last week, I noted that Iran had decided to rename Danish pastries "Mohammedan" pastry as part of the Cartoon Jihad. The AP follows up the story today: That'll show us! *** Emily Zanotti asks: "Why is it that they get their shorts in a knot over Muhammed cartoons, b
Yahoo!/AP caption: Aaron Fuksa, right, and Scottie McLaughlin, both employees of Madame Tussauds' wax museum and Hillary Clinton supporters, chant during the unveiling of the Hillary Clinton wax figure, left, beside a figure of her husband, former President Clinton, at the museum, Thursday, Feb. 16, 2006 in New York...A life-sized figure of the former first... Read More
...for not wearing a head scarf.
The unspoken statistical reality of urban crime over the last quarter century.
Talk TV sensationalists and axe-grinding ideologues have fallen for a myth of immigrant lawlessness.
Which superpower is more threatened by its “extractive elites”?
How a Young Syndicate Lawyer from Chicago Earned a Fortune Looting the Property of the Japanese-Americans, then Lived...
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