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Internet Jihad Continues
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Danish blog Agora reports on the latest victim:

The Danish site which leads a campaign to collect signatures in support of Freedom of Speech was hacked yesterday. The site released this statement: hacked

Some may have been surprised if they visited our site February 27 between 12.30 and 13.00.

This site was defaced and a picture of Muhammed – what the hackers named the image – was put in its stead.

It’s now the 4th time (in less than a week) that has been under attack and this time the hackers succeded in placing a picture of Muhammed on the site. The picture was not hosted on our server but on a portal called

We would like to stress that the signatures themselves aren’t hosted on the main site, but are located on another server. Therefore the names of those who have signed have not been compromised. Noone but we have that information.

The hackers – from Turkey – seem to think that Freedom of Speech isn’t something to cherish. Or at least, they do not agree with us. One might be tempted to think that they do not want us to express our thoughts and beliefs – but that only they have that right…

Support the Freedom of Speech site here.

The Washington Times weighs in with an editorial today:

A troubling video of an insurgent sniper in Iraq known only as “Juba” is spreading across the Internet. As National Public Radio describes it, in the professional-quality video, “Juba” is quiet, efficient and ruthless as he trains his sights on American soldiers and pulls the trigger. Jihadist messages accompany the grisly footage — in English. The video’s colloquial American vernacular strongly suggests the video was either made in the United States or by people deeply familiar with this country — and skilled in the use of the latest technologies.

“Juba” is just the latest indication of the frightening success of the Internet jihad. “Our enemies have skillfully adapted to fighting wars in today’s media age, but… our country has not,” Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said despondently earlier this month. Whether the United States is “losing” this high-technology war is debatable, but clearly we suffer critical losses the moment a “Juba” video in English comes into existence and spreads around the world…


Reader S.M.H. writes: “[This] does not make sense. They are protesting the publication of images of the Prophet, by hacking a website with an image of the Prophet. Can this be explained?”

Logic is a Western extremist value, I guess.



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