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"i Hope That Felt Good"
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I was sick as a dog this weekend with that icky stomach virus that’s going around, and forgot to post a notice that C-SPAN’s BookTV broadcast my appearance at Oberlin College.

Here’s a little taste of the Q&A (more like monologue & A) with some of the self-congratulatory undergrads lecturing me about the need for “solutions to racism:”


Download the video (.wmv file)

Here’s the man who helped make my visit possible, OC alum Steve Shapiro.


Elsewhere on C-SPAN over the weekend, Glenn Reynolds sat down with Brian Lamb. Video excerpt at Expose the Left. Full transcript and program at C-SPAN’s Q&A site. Brian has a knack for getting interviewees to reveal interesting, quirky details. I liked learning that Glenn doesn’t watch much TV, but does watch reruns of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” with his daughter. For me, it’s reruns of “Jimmy Neutron” with my daughter and Hi-5 with my son.

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