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Origins of a Fake Muhammed Cartoon
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Dennis Nixon at NeanderNews thinks he has traced the origins of one of the bogus Muhammad cartoons disseminated by radical Danish imams in December:


The top photo was reportedly included in the Danish imams’ propaganda and attributed falsely to the Jyllands-Posten. The bottom photo is from–well, read it for yourselves over at NeanderNews.

More from Jim Hoft.

Snort, snort.


Related news via the Washington Times:

Lebanon’s dominant coalition accused Syria yesterday of deliberately fomenting violent protests over cartoons about the Islamic prophet Muhammad, while the United States urged its Arab allies to help quell the spreading anger.

Syrian leaders held meetings, meanwhile, with Muqtada al-Sadr, the firebrand Iraqi cleric who has been organizing protests over the drawings in his country…

In Beirut, the anti-Syrian coalition that dominates the Lebanese government apologized to Denmark for the burning of its consulate on Sunday, while charging that Syrian intelligence agents had sparked the trouble to destabilize their country. “The acts of sabotage that happened in [Sunday’s] protest are the start of a coup d’etat by the Syrian regime that aims to transform Lebanon into another Iraq,” said the coalition. It specifically blamed Syrian officers led by military intelligence chief Asef Shawkat, brother-in-law of President Bashar Assad.

Looks like the fakery is working. From Sweden:

Swedish school book depicting Muhammad withdrawn

Swedish publishing company Liber on Monday stopped the sale of a religious education book which contained two images of the prophet Muhammad.

The book’s section on Islam included two pictures taken from medieval religious artwork. The book was aimed at the intermediate level of high school and was published in 1993.

One of the illustrations came from a 14th century Persian manuscript from the 1300s while the other was taken from a 13th century Iraqi manuscript. Both featured images of the prophet Muhammad.

The decision to take the book off the market came after Haga School in Varberg removed the book from its religion education syllabus.

“We will return the books to the publisher. They are a bit old – we have other books which we use today,” said school head Roland Fallström to TT.

Abd al Haqq Kielan, a spokesman for Sweden’s Muslims, said he found it “painful” that pictures of the prophet were still used in education. He added that he was dissatisfied that the people responsible for Swedish teaching books had not shown consideration.

However, he said that it was a consolation that the pictures in the book were not prejudiced or defamatory.



The lies of the Danish imams

The cowardly American media

Support Denmark…and Piglet!

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