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a Violent Moonbat Heads to the Slammer
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BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — A peace activist was sentenced Monday to six months in federal prison for splattering human blood at an upstate military recruiting station.

Daniel Burns, 45, was the first of four activists sentenced for the March 17, 2003 incident at the Army and Marine Corps recruiting station outside of Ithaca. They splattered their blood onto the windows and walls, posters, pictures and an American flag to protest the then-looming war in Iraq.

The so-called Saint Patrick’s Four were all convicted for damaging government property and entering a military recruiting station for unlawful purposes.

U.S. District Judge Thomas McAvoy said he wasn’t punishing Burns for protesting, but for how he protested and what he did.

“The court doesn’t question your motivation,” the judge said. “I know you didn’t go there with evil purpose in mind. You went in good conscience. But what you did clearly violated the law.”

Burns was fined $250 for contempt and also ordered to share payment of $958 in restitution for cleaning up the damage at the recruiting station.

Burns’ co-defendants will be sentenced later this week.



Bloody, anti-war liberals

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