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Alito Watch: Day 2
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Baseball Crank takes a close look at another of the Dems’ wacky witnesses who opposes Judge Alito.

The Washington Times weighs in on The Closing of Ted Kennedy’s Mind. (Or better: The Losing of Ted Kennedy’s Mind.) An excerpt:

Something unusual happened on the way to this week’s nomination hearings for Judge Samuel Alito: Reporters scoffed at the ridiculousness of Sen. Ted Kennedy. Notably, one columnist called his antics “meandering and listless” and suggested Mr. Kennedy is beyond his prime. It’s about time: Mr. Kennedy and his 1960s mental furniture cannot square a modern nominee, much less a conservative one. So the spectacle of an angry and rambling Mr. Kennedy yesterday accusing Judge Alito of “support for an all-powerful president” and other baseless charges can only increase the guffaws.

(Speaking of Kennedy-inspired guffaws…and more…)

Patterico is playing the Chuckie S. Drinking Game.

Bloggers on the scene: Suitably Flip, Captain’s Quarters, Blogs for Bush, GOP Bloggers, Tim Chapman/Townhall’s Capitol Report, Power Line, and The Political Teen.

Right Side Redux has a podcast on The Ghost of Harriet Miers and his impressions of the RNC Bloggers Forum. Good opening music.

Scott Johnson reports:

Senator Frist just joined us to give us his thinking on the proceedings regarding Judge Alito. He indicated that he expects the hearings to come to a timely conclusion and for the nomination to come to a timely vote on the floor of the Senate. He stated that will drive the Senate to finish the hearings this week with no break for the weekend, and will drive the Senate for the confirmation to come to a vote as soon as possible, if not on January 20 as previously agreed.

He referred to the procedural devices to which various Democrats have alluded to put off the committee vote as “feeble” and “insufferable.”

Yes, indeed, “feeble” and “insufferable” are the adjectives that often come to mind when describing Democrat plans.

Debbie Schlussel lambastes USA Today’s snotty reviews of Judge Alito’s clothes and hair. It’s only a matter of time before they start attacking his wife and children’s looks.


I am impressed by Judge Alito’s ability to keep a straight face while all the bloviators huff and puff. Dafydd at Big Lizards puts it in pictures for us.

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