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Md4bush: the Saga Continues
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The Baltimore Sun has the latest on the smelly case. An excerpt:

An e-mail address of a former state Democratic Party worker was used in a discussion about Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley’s marriage on a conservative Web site, a spokesman for the site said yesterday.

Kristinn Taylor, a spokesman for free, said Ryan O’Doherty’s Democratic Party address was one of at least three used to operate the identity of MD4BUSH, the mysterious Internet poster who appears to have coaxed an aide to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. into talking about the mayor’s personal life.

MD4BUSH sought out another freerepublic visitor known as ncpac, who was later revealed to be longtime Ehrlich political aide Joseph F. Steffen Jr.

Steffen confirmed to a Washington Post reporter in February that he wrote the e-mails discussing O’Malley rumors. But after publishing several articles, the Post acknowledged that the reporter, Matthew Mosk, had logged on as MD4BUSH from his work computer to verify the exchange, further complicating the story.

Taylor said the latest information about e-mail addresses – which the Web site previously refused to release citing privacy rules – indicates that the Ehrlich aide was unfairly targeted by the governor’s opponents.

“I think people ought to be concerned that political operatives and Washington Post reporters will violate your Internet privacy for their own nefarious purposes,” Taylor said.

Now, compare the Sun article with the Washington Post’s coverage today. Note that the paper omits any reference to its own involvement in the matter.



The “MD4Bush” scandal

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