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Yes, it's New Year's Eve. And since there's no rest for the NYTimes, I'm not taking it easy tonight either. You see, NYTimes' reporter James Risen has been a busy bee over the holidays. The co-author of the infamous Chicken Little opus exposing the NSA special collection program to monitor international communications between suspected al... Read More
Townhall's Citizens of the Year: The Iraqi people Top 10 Conservative Movies Timeswatch's Top 10 Lowlights of the NYTimes CWA's 2005 Evangelical Heroines John Stephenson has a gigantic review of 2005 end-of-the-year blog posts. Check 'em all out and send 'em all some traffic! *** Previous: 12/29 The big story of 2005 12/22 End-of the-year... Read More
The great Patterico has posted his third annual year-end review of the flubs and follies of the Los Angeles Times. Patterico writes: Read the whole thing. It's an amazing piece of research...and a scathing indictment of what Patterico calls the L.A. "dog trainer." *** Update: As if all that weren't bad enough, check out this... Read More
To the dismay of the MSM, the blogosphere didn't go away in 2005. Here are some of the more memorable moments in the clash of the bloggers vs. MSM: 10. Commentator Bill Press's condemnation of bloggers as people "with no credentials, no sources, no rules, no editors and no accountability." Press's idea of good journalism... Read More
In October, Atlanta Journal Constitution's left-wing cartoonist Mike Luckovich used the names of the fallen in Iraq to create this anti-war image touted by moonbats: James Lileks, among many others, wrote a fabulous rejoinder to Luckovich. But Georgia teenager Danielle Ansley has topped it. Her cartoon response to Luckovich appears in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution:... Read More
Q and O introduces you to CPT Christopher J. Bronzi, Silver Star recipient.
***scroll for updates...leaks leading to both NYTimes' NSA story and WashPost secret CIA prison story are under investigation...*** It's about time. Via Breitbart/AP: Fox News reporting that the White House is expected to comment on the probe. Stay tuned. 1157am. A bit more added to the AP story: Guess Risen must be saving it for... Read More
There's a far Left brouhaha in Britain over Craig Murray, formerly the UK's ambassador to Uzbekistan. He's trying to sell a new book by whipping moonbat bloggers into a frenzy with claims of British-outsourced torture in Uzbekistan. Murray claims that the British Foreign Office is trying to block web publication of, and book references to,... Read More
Via Breitbart/AP: Maybe it was the time the taxi dumped him at the Iraq-Kuwait border, leaving him alone in the middle of the desert. Or when he drew a crowd at a Baghdad food stand after using an Arabic phrase book to order. Or the moment a Kuwaiti cab driver almost punched him in the... Read More
Unspeakable evil: Nazir Ahmed appears calm and unrepentant as he recounts how he slit the throats of his three young daughters and their 25-year old stepsister to salvage his family's "honor" — a crime that shocked Pakistan. The 40-year old laborer, speaking to The Associated Press in police detention as he was being shifted to... Read More
How many times have you heard civil liberties activists argue that national security profiling should be based on behavior, not race/ethnicity/nationality/national origin/religion? That's the argument the ACLU makes again and again and again. But if your B.S. detector starts going off full-tilt, you are not alone. Truth is, the ACLU doesn't want behavior-based profiling, either.... Read More
Austin Bay nominates "The Great Democratic Revolt." *** See also: Best and worst political moments over at NRO. Hugh Hewitt and Glenn Reynolds discuss the year in blogging. All Things Beautiful asks: Who are the Ten Worst Americans?
I'm not much of a poll watcher, but the new Rasmussen numbers on Americans' views of the National Security Agency's counterterrorism programs are very notable: Hat tip: Ace of Spades *** Anyone got any predictions on what the Times' stock chart will look like in 2006? Reader Daniel G. writes: Sure looks that way. ***... Read More
My latest column is up. Tim Sumner at 9/11 Families for a Safe and Strong America concurs. And the NYPost's editorial, "The Gray Lady Toys with Treason," hits the nail on the head: Preferably adults with subpoenas.
Meet Susanne Ostroff, Germany's latest apologist for Islamic terrorism: Hat tip: Tigerhawk, who notes that Ostroff has a "case of Stockholm Syndrome that makes Patty Hearst look, er, unwilling." The German government, which reportedly paid ransom to get her back, is now whining because she's going back to Iraq. You get what you pay for,... Read More
You knew this was going to happen, didn't you? Thanks, US News. Next time, why not just hand over whatever classified information you obtain directly to al Qaeda? If only these MSM blabbermouths invested
BBC reporting: Via AP: No group claimed responsibility for the rocket attack. Both Hezbollah guerrillas and Palestinian militants operate in nearby southern Lebanon. In Wednesday's raid, Lebanese witnesses reported warplanes roared over the Syrian-backed group's base, a maze of concrete fortified tunnels built inside a hill that the group has used as a base for... Read More
The execrable Fred Phelps and his "church" continue to disrupt the funerals of fallen soldiers across the country. Jim Hoft has the latest. The good news is that veteran bikers of all political stripes have united to form the Patriot Guard Riders. Their mission: Contact info for Patriot Guard organizers and state chapter heads is... Read More
Little Green Footballs has the top 20 nominees for the Annual Robert Fisk Award for Idiotarian of the Year. Tough competition this year includes: Cindy Sheehan Harry Reid Mary Mapes George Clooney Sean Penn Howard Dean Ward Churchill Dan Rather Chris Matthews Nancy Pelosi Noam Chomsky Kofi Annan Ramsey Clark Send LGF any other names... Read More
The WaPo reports: Hugh Hewitt has a fabulous idea: It's definitely time to rearrange that decrepit old furniture.
The holiday gas attacks on crowded home-supply stores in St. Petersburg, Russia, aren't getting much MSM attention. But the blogosphere's all over the story, with many observers questioning official government statements that have blamed "hooliganism" and discounted terrorism. Pajamas Media has a massive round-up of news and analysis. *** Related: Dafydd at Big Lizards delivers... Read More
Dateline Toronto: Here's the cache of Klander's blog. Here's a screen capture of his attack on Chow: The photos have been removed, but the damage is done. Canadian blogger Stephen Taylor documented Klander's bigoted blogging (he and other C-bloggers saved the photo) and also chronicled Klander's other blunders. Taylor concludes: All of these remarks by... Read More
Don't say "Happy Kwanzaa" to La Shawn Barber. Or to Ambra Nykol, who is back blogging (yay!). Ambra also weighs in on The Ugg Theory.
So, President Bush is now begging newspaper editors to stop publishing classified information obtained via illegal leaks. Howard Kurtz reports: Here's an idea. Instead of going hat in hand to the liberal media elite to prevent these security-compromising disclosures, the White House should try this: 1. Strengthen collective spine. 2. Subpoena reporters. 3. Find the... Read More
The Washington Post profiles one of my favorite milbloggers, Bill Roggio, who runs The Fourth Rail and ThreatsWatch. Another ground-breaking milblogger, Michael Yon, gets a mention. The article's undertone is critical of Bush administration efforts to reach out to the blogosphere, and paints milbloggers as "weapons" in an "information war." The WaPo's take on bloggers... Read More
The former Secretary of State weighed in on the Bush administration's NSA surveillance program this weekend. Ace of Spades deciphers Powell's double-talk.
While the news media in America have obsessed over the Natalee Holloway case, there have been countless missing persons cases that have gone unnoticed and unheralded over the last year--including the heart-rending stories of thousands of men, women, and children who disappeared in the Indonesian tsunami disaster one year ago today. Reuters UK spotlights one... Read More
Here are a few of the crackpot sights and ridiculous sounds that made 2005 a year to remember (many thanks to Ian Schwartz at The Political Teen for his indispensable video blogging): Video clips... 10. Spike Lee: Tinfoil hat-wearing levee expert 9. CNBC mugs Bernie Goldberg 8. Union thugs unhinged 7. Chris Matthews unhinged 6.... Read More
For unto Us a Child is born Unto Us a Son is given And the government shall be upon His shoulder And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. - Isaiah 9:6 Merry Christmas, dear readers. Hope the day and the new year bring you... Read More
'Twas the day before Christmas And all through the Times Hysteria reigned over Bush's "impeachable crimes"... Yes, the New York Times continues to show its disregard for our nation's security, publishing additional classified information about the NSA's much-hyped surveillance program. Now it's a report that the NSA program traced and analyzed huge numbers of calls... Read More
You've probably heard about the UMass student who claimed that Department of Homeland Security agents visited him after he checked out Mao's Little Red Book from the library. Well, he has now admitted that he made the story up.
Jeff Quinton notes the passing of Lt. Col. Horace “Sally” Crouch of Columbia, a member of World War II’s Doolittle Raiders, who bombed Tokyo and other Japanese cities in retaliation for the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. There are now only 16 surviving Raiders.
Craig Henry at Lead and Gold has some tough words for the media and its double standards.
Ed Morrissey and Debbie Schlussel have reviews of Munich. I'm not going to waste my money. Related (via Drudge): Stars turn backs on America's troops in Iraq
Adam's Blog has a lovely round-up of both secular and spiritual posts from around the blogosphere. Check out his Carnival of Christmas. Lisa at Two Babes and a Brain has a moving reflection on sacrifice and single parenthood: My Favorite Christmas. Rabbi Marc Gellman writes on "Jesus's Miracle." The Anchoress posts on the Last Vespers... Read More
The Associated Press is reporting that "Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito defended the right of government officials to order domestic wiretaps when he worked for the Reagan Justice Department." Here's how some MSM outlets are headlining the story: "Documents Show Alito Supported Domestic Spying" "Alito Defended Wiretap Protections in '85 Memo" "Supreme Court nominee defends... Read More
Pfc. Joshua Sparling Here's an update on the injured soldier who received that sick death-wish card at Walter Reed Army Hospital. The Port Huron Times Herald reports: As Joshua Sparling lay in his hospital bed, just a couple of days after being wounded by a bomb in Iraq, he got a letter. The letter, addressed... Read More
Here's what Chicken Little journalism gets you: Hat tip: Gerard Van der Leun at The American Digest, which you should be reading every day. *** Jason Smith at Generation Why points out some other stock charts that will leave MSM'ers feeling blue.
Do you know what your undergrad is learning? The Young America's Foundation gives parents a helpful guide with its "Dirty Dozen" list of weirdest courses in America's institutions of higher (sic) learning, including: * Occidental College's "The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie: Race and Popular Culture in the United States," in which students explore ways in... Read More
From the sanctimonious world organization that called Western countries "stingy" in the aftermath of the southeast Asian tsunami disaster comes this unsurprising news via the Financial Times: "Little clarity on how aid gets spent." The intro: When Jan Egeland, the United Nations top disaster official, announced in March that PwC, the professional services firm, would... Read More
Read Austin Bay's year-end reflection. Just beautiful.
Amy Welborn's meditation on the real meaning of Christmas is must-read.
*Attention, last-minute shoppers. Here's a unique stocking stuffer available on eBay: An 8-Ft One-of-a-Kind LEGO Star Wars Rebel Attack Cruiser. Auction proceeds go to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Bidding ends Christmas Eve. Free shipping. Cool. *Students in Greenwich, CT performed "A Rainbow Christmas" to teach tolerance and diversity. Because a Christmas play that actually taught... Read More
John Hinderaker has posted a lengthy analysis of the NSA special collections program over at Power Line. Update: Paul Mirengoff adds his thoughts.
La Shawn Barber nails it.
*AP names Hurricane Katrina its top story of the year. Can't argue with that. The rest of the top ten: 2: PAPAL TRANSITION: John Paul II's death marked the passing of the first non-Italian pope in 455 years and ended a 26-year pontificate, third-longest in history. In a remarkable show of affection, many millions attended... Read More
LOST: Has anyone seen 150 pounds of commercial plastic explosives, 2,500 blasting caps and 20,000 feet of explosive detonation cord? They went missing in New Mexico sometime between Dec. 13 and Sunday. More info: Ho-hum. FOUND: Via AP... U.S. soldiers in the northern Iraqi desert dug up more than 1,000 aging rockets and missiles wrapped... Read More
Marc Morano has the scoop.
Earlier this week George Will argued that President Bush should have asked Congress for permission to carry out warrantless eavesdropping of Americans. He is confident that Congress would have changed FISA to approve the program: Just one teensy weensy problem: the NSA program was (and still is) classified. Is Will suggesting that Bush could have... Read More