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Sandy Berger has been hired as an adviser on ABC’s “Commander-in-chief.” Better put the scripts under lock and key.

Sen. Tom Coburn moves to defund the bridge to nowhere. The Club for Growth has details.

Maryland Lt. Gov Michael Steele will announce his Senate plans next week. Stay tuned.

Bill Nienhuis is blogging from Dachau.

Bloggers are keeping an eye on Muslim radicals in Trinidad.

Rush Limbaugh made a rare TV appearance on Hannity and Colmes.

Paul Cella interviews Andrew Bostom on the legacy of Jihad.

Eric at Classical Values on skepticism vs. conspiracy.

In response to yesterday’s post on Berkeley, the “birthplace of the Free Speech Movement,” Steven Den Beste e-mails:

Since when is Berkeley the “birthplace of the Free Speech Movement”? I was under the impression that started with the people who pushed to get the First Amendment ratified, way back in 1790.

Have I missed something here?

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