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Islamist Terrorism in Russia
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Yesterday, I wrote about the MSM whitewashing Islam out of news reports. Today’s coverage of the violent Muslim terrorist outbreak in Russia underscores my point:

60 killed as Chechen gunmen attack city

Chechen rebel attack fuels growing unrest

Chechens attack Caucasus town

Police battle militants in Russia

Look how far down you have to read those stories before you are told that it is Islamic radical terrorists wreaking havoc and murdering innocent people, not just plain-vanilla “gunmen” and nondescript “militants” run amok.

This Bloomberg article gets it right in the lede graf. So does this AP story. But so far, the only headline I’ve seen that puts the I-word up front is this one in The Moscow Times:

Islamic Militants Raid Nalchik, 24 Dead

I noted the same trend in reporting (or rather, non-reporting) of the Beslan massacre last year.

The sins of omission continue to pile up.


Jim Hoft is keeping tabs on the story.



Russia’s 9/11

Yet another reason not to trust the New York Times

Toddler terrorists-in-training

Progress at the New York Times?

Update: The victims of Beslan

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The children of Beslan

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