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Newsflash! Margaret Cho Calls Me a Racist
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Which is lamer: Comedian Margaret Cho complaining that I’m a racist (what, getting bored of dropping f-bombs on President Bush?) or Philadelphia Daily News columnist Dan Gross parroting her empty smear and calling it journalism?

Gross makes Cho’s ad hominem attack his lead headlined item today and describes me as “a syndicated conservative columnist who appears in the People Paper’s [Phildadelphia Daily News] pages.”

Uh, Mr. Gross, you might want to walk over to the op-ed department of your own newspaper and get your facts straight. Much to the approval of your left-wing audience, my “racist” column hasn’t appeared in your People’s Paper since July.

(An aside: I’m sure Editor and Publisher will be following up…they seem to relish reporting when conservative female columnists get dropped by papers–see here and here–but never when we’re picked up.)

Anyway, fyi, this appears at the end of Gross’s column:

If you have something you’d like to share with Dan, call 215-854-5963, or e-mail [email protected]

Give him the HOT NEWS TIP that his paper canceled my column…three months ago.

Maybe if I had been more of sycophantic stenographer to liberal celebrities, I’d still be carried by the People’s Paper. Oh, well.

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