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Roberts Is in
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***315pm EDT updated below***

John Roberts has been confirmed. The vote (via Confirm Them):

Final vote was 78-22.

55 Republicans and 23 Dems voted yes. 22 Dems voted no.

How the Dems voted below the fold.

Democrats voting Yes:

Max Baucus of Montana

Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico

Robert Byrd of West Virginia

Kent Conrad of North Dakota

Russ Feingold of Wisconsin

Tim Johnson of South Dakota

Herb Kohl of Wisconsin

Mary Landrieu of Louisiana

Patrick Leahy of Vermont

Ben Nelson of Nebraska

Bill Nelson of Florida

Mark Pryor of Arkansas

Ken Salazar of Colorado

Christopher Dodd of Connecticut

Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut

Byron Dorgan of North Dakota

Carl Levin of Michigan

Ron Wyden of Oregon

Tom Carper of Delaware

Patty Murray of Washington

Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas

James Jeffords (I) of Vermont

Democrats voting no:

Evan Bayh of Indiana

Joseph Biden of Delaware

Barbara Boxer of California

Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York

Jon Corzine of New Jersey

Mark Dayton of Minnesota

Dick Durbin of Illinois

Dianne Feinstein of California

Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts

John Kerry of Massachusetts

Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey

Barbara Mikulski of Maryland

Barack Obama of Illinois

Harry Reid of Nevada

Charles Schumer of New York

Debbie Stabenow of Michigan

Jack Reed of Rhode Island

Tom Harkin of Iowa

Daniel Inouye of Hawaii

Paul Sarbanes of Maryland

Maria Cantwell of Washington

Daniel Akaka of Hawaii

Wonder if the new Chief Justice will be keeping those gold stripes?


Paul Mirengoff at Power Line:

The willingness of half the Senate Democrats to vote against a candidate of Judge Roberts’ ability, accomplishment, and temperament is a disgrace, and one that will likely change the “rules of engagement” with respect to the Supreme Court confirmation process for years to come.


315pm update. Roberts has been sworn in:

Bush said it was “a very meaningful event in the life of our nation” — almost 19 years to the day since the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist took his oath in the same room at the White House, the East Room.

The 50-year-old Roberts was sworn in a little more than three hours after he was confirmed by the Senate on a vote of 78-22. The oath was delivered by Justice John Paul Stevens, the court’s senior member and acting chief justice since Rehnquist’s death early this month.

“The Senate has confirmed a man with an astute mind and kind heart,” Bush said. “All Americans can be confident that the 17th chief justice of the United States will be prudent in exercising judicial power, firm in defending judicial independence and above all a faithful guardian of the Constitution.”

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