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Air America: Groveling for Cash
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Stuff it with cash, please!

Al Franken’s liberal radio network, Air America, is now scraping the bottom of the barrel for investors. Having taxed the patience of deep-pocketed liberal sugar daddies, Air America execs have cooked up a new campaign to hit up their own listeners for cash donations.

My investigative blog partner Brian Maloney and I received multiple forwarded e-mails of the pitch being sent to Air America fans. Brian has the amusing scoop:

In what appears just short of outright panhandling, a desperate Air America Radio is now begging listeners for cash donations.

From a mass email pitch sent Wednesday afternoon, Air America supporters were taken to a webpage where a direct solicitation is made.

Resembling an online PBS or NPR pledge drive, the site offered paltry “benefits” for cash “gifts” to the liberal talk network. Is Air America unintentionally a not-for-profit enterprise?

For $50, they’ll send three “official” bumper stickers, while $100 gets a “stylish” tote bag thrown in. The sucker who has everything might choose the $250 version, including the above and an on-air thanks from one of Air America’s talk hosts.

Another option: send “any amount”, for which they’ll be “grateful”. Only you can prevent the next Boys & Girls Club financial raid. Send a buck, save midnight basketball in the Bronx.



In related news, the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club has been kicked out of of the Boys & Girls Club over its shady financial entanglements with Air America.

Air America’s ratings are still in the tank.

And via Newsbusters, unhinged Air America hostess Randi Rhodes is comparing Hurricane Katrina evacuees to Holocaust victims. (Other deranged Rhodes rants here and here.)


Update: Ankle Biting Pundits are soliciting your proposals for the next Air America fundraising schemes…

We want your ideas as to what Air America will do next to try and raise money. We have visions of Al Franken holding a squeegee on Park Avenue and Janeane Garofalo reaching into pay phone coin returns dancing in our heads.

Captain Ed:

I love the notion that by sending AAR $50, listeners get “FREE STUFF!” Only a liberal hack would buy that argument. It’s the same argument that they swallow when arguing that government should provide services for “free”.

If con men want to find the easy marks in town, just look for the cars sporting the bumper sticker that boasts, “I’m building Air America Radio”.


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