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John Roberts vs. the Bloviators
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Ankle Biting Pundits has a statistical analysis of senatorial bloviation and a recap of yesterday’s SCOTUS nomination hearing. Excerpt:

Everyone knows Senators love to hear their own voices and that the confirmation hearings are supposed to be about John Roberts’s views, not theirs. But of course that’s not the case. A little experiment proved that. That guys at did a word count of each Senators Q &A and found that in nearly all cases it was the Senators who spoke more than the nominee. And who says partisanship is dead? GOP Senators were just as big windbags as the Democrats

Even more comical was that Joe Biden accused John Roberts of filibustering, yet his own statements took up a whopping 70% of his questioning of Judge Roberts (including a 1,055 word first “question”). Check out the statistical analysis of each Senator on the Committee…

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