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Katrina: from Bad to Worse in New Orleans
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***scroll down for updates, new photos, and video links…plus info on inmates rioting***


No power.

No drinkable water.

Dead bodies floating in the water.

Prisons, hospitals, the Superdome are being evacuated.

Looting in plain view of the police and the National Guard.

New Orleans councilwoman Jackie Clarkson: “The looting is out of control.

I’ve now seen two reports that WWL is reporting that a looter shot a police officer in the back of the head. Still waiting for confirmation.

Below the Beltway: “I’ve always feared what would happen if a major American city simply collapsed. It appears that we are finding out.”

And the water is still rising.


Josh Trevino, on a positive note, counters the Bush-bashing spin: The National Guard is answering the call.


Getty Images has an excellent, heart-breaking photo gallery. The images tell all:









730pm EDT update: Bare Knuckle Politics has link to looting video and other feeds and footage.

Reader Chris R. sends this video of the Mississippi coastline.

830pm EDT update: Shawn Wasson at Bare Knuckle Politics passes a link to an alarming story on New Orleans inmates rioting at Orleans Parrish Prison and taking hostages--including children. Press conference scheduled at 9pm.

9pm EDT update: Hell breaking loose.

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