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Good stuff…

Gerard Van der Leun continues his excellent essay series, “The Sacrifice and the Reckoning.” Two parts: The Event and Sleepwalking

Austin Bay exposes Terror’s Lord Haw Haw: George Galloway.

Patterico and Captain Ed talk back to MSM blog-basher Nancy Clark.

An American Housewife and The Anchoress on suffering.

Cam Edwards: Barbra Streisand is still a moron.

Florida Cracker has an update on Zubaida Husan (hat tip: Bill at INDCJournal)

Lump on a Blog: Why are we even considering issuing a visa to Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad?

Little Green Footballs: All roads lead to the Sauds.

An update from Kate at Electric Venom on the Fang Fund. Help out if you can.

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