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Reality Check, Part Iii
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Bloggers are already buzzing about David Sifry’s latest “State of the Blogosphere” report, which says that:

-Technorati now tracks 14 Million blogs,

-the number of blogs continues to double every 5.5 months, and

-a new blog is created every second.

These figures are sure to be cited over and over again by both bloggers and MSM reporters as evidence of the blogsphere’s phenomenal growth and reach.

As I’ve noted before, however, many (most? almost all?) of these blogs are either not updated regularly or are updated by automated programs (as opposed to actual human beings).

I’m not the only one who is skeptical of the fantastic numbers being thrown around. John Hawkins of Right Wing News did a little digging and concluded that there only a few thousand human-operated political blogs that update every day, i.e., less than one-tenth of one percent of the 14 million blogs tracked by Technorati.

P.S. Just want to make this clear: I heart Technorati. I’m just sayin’.

The Cassandra Page observes: “I would rather read an automated spamblog than the New York Times.”

* * *


The boom in faux blogs

About that tail…

Reality check, part II

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